News : The culprit of Natalia Romero’s miracle: “The world belongs to crazy people”

News : The culprit of Natalia Romero’s miracle: “The world belongs to crazy people”

His name is Pedro Jimenez and he is a university professor from Jaén who lives in Madrid where this morning he saw Natalia’s Olympic success in solitude. “When we went to 800 they told us, ‘You are crazy’.”

He is a man who tells you that “the world belongs to crazy people.”

And he remembers when Natalia Romero went to 800.

– And everyone told us: “but what?you are crazy with the way he runs and how big he is? “

But Natalia Romero was an athlete who was already saturated with the 400 and who was considering leaving athletics.

– He had not achieved even the minimum for a Spanish championship – Pedro Jiménez recalls today, who is that man: Natalia Romero’s coach, the culprit of everything East miracle.

Pedro is a 41-year-old man who watched the Tokyo race this morning from his home in Madrid, in the Mirasierra neighborhood, under the strictest of solitude.

– I would have liked to be in Tokyo but there was no place for all the coaches.

Pedro had spoken with Natalia on Wednesday for 35 minutes by phone.

– Are in the best moment of you life she reminded him. But everything happens to make a brand and if you are lucky enough that yours is one of the latest series …

And he did.

Natalia ran the sixth series.

And everything turned out almost perfect.

And Pedro remembered then when he said to Natalia:

– Don’t be afraid of 800. It is not such a technical test and you are very demanding of yourself. Because Natalia is that: the demand.

Pedro is a professor of sports training methodology at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid and, like Natalia, is from Jaén.

He from neighborhood of The Fuentezuelas; she from La Alcantarilla.

– I was training speed and jumping people. I even trained her brother in triple jump and she participated in studies for my doctoral thesis.

And one day 9 years ago Natalia called him.

– I feel stagnant and I’m not comfortable. Needed a change and I want you to train me.

So it was.

And in a very short time Natalia made a mark in 400.

Pedro gave “importance to strength training. We look for quality. Less volume and more intensity. And we put scientific evidence and adapt the rhythms to their maximum oxygen consumption ”.

Today they train remotely (she in Palma and he in Madrid) but they do many concentrations.

– There are people who do not know that I am their coach. But humility does not need to show off – says Peter.

Pedro, who went to bed at six o’clock and got up today at nine o’clock and his adrenaline still lasts.

– I couldn’t even sleep.

And now add:

– In the semifinals do not there is that set limits to dreams. Natalia has taken off that pressure, that anxiety to make her debut in the Olympics at 32 years old. Anything can happen. You never know how much the favorites want to save for the final.

– You are the culprit, responsible for this – I say.

– It sounds very nice said like that.

“It is true that Natalia had difficult moments,” he adds. I was going to Europeans sub 23. And when he looked for me, he saw that I wasn’t going. And I tried to make her see that with her conditions she could go very far.

And whatever happens, it has already arrived:

– Natalia is fine now, yes. But at first no one was betting on her in 800. But we believed, like crazy, in this distance with Enrique, her boyfriend, that he is the stone on which everything is based.

And from now.

Who knows as of now.

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