News : The curious diet of the Colombian Anthony Zambrano during the quarantine

News :

The curious diet of the Colombian Anthony Zambrano during the quarantine

Zambrano was one of the proper names in Doha / AFP

It was one of the most unexpected surprises of the past Doha World Cups. It became an absolute myth of his country, Colombia, after achieving the Colombian National Record, the sub'23 and the Record of South America. Already in the semifinals he took the record maker cefetera, while in the final of the 400 he broke the clock with a record of 44.15, just behind the Bahamian Steven Gardiner (43.48). Silver in a World Cup with only 21 years old. Zambrano spoke with Colombia's Antena 2 ‘Sports Center’ program and explained how he is handling the confinement, beyond giving some interesting facts about his routine.

You don't know when you can catch international flights

"I prefer to train at home and (I stay) taking care of the 'little knife', without it I am nobody. I do things that avoid contagion with the Covid-19. When you can, you fly to the farm. I have a treadmill, I have my weights and I do my routines. But they notified me that if things improve, I will start competing in August ”, assured Zambrano, who is dying to return to the arena, but still notor even know if you can take international flights to attend competitions and meetings. "We will have to see when the flights are opened and compete in other countries for the qualification of the Olympics. I have to race for the mark and qualify to be able to go to the final ”.

Eat twice a day

Without a doubt, the most curious thing about the coffee grower in this anomalous situation is his diet. “My routine is to put percentages on the treadmill (treadmill) and it is done according to what the teacher says. Also strengthening with the weights. In my mind I am always positive and focused. I am avoiding eating and I only eat breakfast twice a day and eat a good lunch. My ‘hobbies’ are motorcycles, I have about six, I put them together or take them apart and make modifications to them. The same for my mom's car that I gave her on Mother's Day ”.

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