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The cyclist's mind; from I can't to yes I can

the mind of the ciclsita thoughts

In endurance sports such as cycling it is not enough to be the strongest on a physical level. Mental strength is as or more important than the state of form since psychologically you have to be mentalized to give the maximum of yourself and endure the enormous suffering that comes to suffer. Given this situation and given the enormous importance of the power of the mind I have considered interesting to make this post in which I will capture some of the thoughts that usually run through the cyclist's head.

Question of attitude

Life is attitude and cycling could not be the exception. A positive attitude is essential to overcome bad personal and sporting moments. We have all suffered a crisis two kilometers from crowning the port, or have been about to be cut when the pace has increased sharply. I can assure you that These moments are only overcome with attitude and will. Throughout a competition everyone goes through good and bad times, so the most important thing is to know how to manage them correctly without showing the cards to your rivals as if it were a poker game.

The lanterns in cycling do not go anywhere but you have to try that your opponent does not notice your bad moment. If you show weakness, some may take advantage of the situation to put that little extra point that makes you pick up the group. Your attitude must always be positive and act with the firm conviction that today you will defeat all the rivals of your level.

From I can't to if I can

How many times has that "I can't go on" thought through you? Having those thoughts is completely normal and your brain is much smarter than you thought. Your body gets used to the good and has an innate facility to reject any proposal of suffering or physical discomfort.

For this it is very important that you learn to control your mind and always show a positive attitude to any circumstance. As you have heard on more than one occasion your mind must be the one that controls your body and not vice versa. If you don't stop repeating yourself "I can't, I can't, I can't" it is obvious that you will not be able to. Instead of repeating this, why don't you repeat the "yes I can" ?. Your body may not speak but I assure you that it listens carefully to your instructions and if they do not come in a positive way it is very difficult for your body to react correctly.

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Controlling the mind is essential to endure the long days of suffering

Small goals, small goals

Rome was not done in a day so I recommend that you do not try to visualize the race or cycle tour as a whole. The best thing is that fractions the event in different parts. Small pieces that allow you to gain confidence little by little. Although mathematically it is the same mentally it does not have the same value to say "I still have 120 kilometers left" to say "I already have 45 kilometers done". It may seem utter nonsense but the tone with which you perform the internal parliament is also very important.

A mountain pass, the passage through a certain town, a descent ... you have a thousand options along the route to mark yourself as objectives. The culmination of these small objectives will generate confidence and you can use them as reward points. A reward can be a bite from a bar that you love, some jelly beans or any other nonsense that you want.

All this that may seem silly will help you overcome mentally bad times and without realizing it in the blink of an eye you will be about to cross the finish line.

Concentration level

The concentration in cycling is much more important than you probably think. Being concentrated will help you maintain a good cadence, concentrate fully on your pedaling and control the watts. Being focused implies roll in head positions but sheltered from the air. You have to try save you lashes that stick to the exit of the curves and the arreones that suffer when people begin to remain off the hook. These high power peaks are very expensive because these accelerations gradually empty the fuel tank.

If you are competing or have a real goal in mind it is essential that you remain focused. In addition, you would not be the first one to roll clueless falls or ends up involved in a montonera.

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Weak thoughts will constantly run through your head

Your mind is your worst enemy

Stop looking at your rivals and their Strava accounts. Your worst rival is yourself and you would not be the first cyclist who ends up morally sunk as a result of his own negative thoughts. The situation is what it is so it is no use complaining or complaining about how little you have been able to train. Your current physical form will not improve for many prayers you do so it is time to put all the meat on the grill and give everything you can until the end. Do not forget that "whoever gives his best is not obliged to give more." Stop considering material goals and seek personal satisfaction. Reaching molten finish with the feeling of having given everything is priceless.

Excuses are not welcome.

"Who wants to do something finds a means, who does not want to do anything finds an excuse." You should put this phrase in your head. Complaining about habit seems to be a ritual. Do youWhat is the use of lamenting 10 or 15 minutes before departure? "I have not trained enough, yesterday I went to sleep late, two weeks ago I had a cold, I spent 2 weeks on vacation without touching the bike ..." Excuses and more excuses is what you find if you dedicate yourself to listen to staff conversations before departure. Complaining is of no use. For many tears that you shed, you will not walk anymore, nor will your rivals lift their feet from the accelerator. So save yourself the forces you invest talking and spend them hard on the cranks.

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