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The digital revolution reaches the popular races


It has gone from being a tendency to become a reality. More than 20% of the runners expect to register at the last minute for the sports event they want to do. In an increasingly demanding market, where users have many more participation options, organizers have had to double their efforts to publicize their evidence. And some have managed to improve their commitment to greater digitalization.

A great example of success in this transformation is the Valencia Marathon. In recent years it has grown exponentially to reach the quota of 25,000 registrations. With a great boost from the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation and the support of private sponsors and institutions, he has created an event with record of participation of a test of these characteristics in Spain. And without having to wait for the last days to sell registrations. On the contrary, they have achieved that there is even a waiting list for your event. But these participation records are very isolated cases.

In other disciplines, tests such as the Barcelona Triathlon by Santander or the Triathlon of Madrid by Santander have managed to continue being leaders in registrations with the support of new digital platforms to reach new audiences. In this way, they have increased participation and visibility among thousands of athletes.

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Before an audience of more than one million athletes to impact, events begin to work with digital platforms such as Racetick, a sports event search engine specializing in running, triathlon, trailrunning, cycling, obstacles or open water. Through very specialized campaigns to attract entries, Racetick manages to reach a new audience that may interest events. And it is that to maintain the same expectations of participation, the organizers are increasingly making a greater effort that allows them to retain the athlete or reach new ones.

At the last minute athletes look, as is done on other platforms in other sectors, bargains in race numbers. Racetick offers discounts on races as well as advantages when canceling registration due to injury or major problem. Users are turning it into the reference platform where to look for their new challenges to compete.

Currently Racetick has already integrated in its catalog well-known tests such as the Zurich Marathon of Barcelona, ​​the eDreams Mitja Marathon of Barcelona, ​​the Mitja of Terrassa or the Marathon of Malaga.

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