News : The dilemma of the world marathon record holder Brigid Kosgei

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The dilemma of the world marathon record holder Brigid Kosgei

Brigid Kosgei breaking the World Record in Chicago

It is a crossroads that most athletes have on the table, especially marathoners. They need to define their calendar well in advance and, given the possibility that some majors and important tests may be held next fall, right now It is difficult to be able to prepare something with the total certainty that it will be celebrated 100%..

In any case, and after having rested this spring after all the important marathons have been suspended, the long distance runners re-grease the machinery little by little and begin the preparation for a fall calendar in which they will have to bet on a bullet. Offers are not lacking. London, Berlin, Chicago, Boston, New York, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Amsterdam. Most of the circuits are extremely fast, emblematic and will try to use all their powers of ducción seduction ’to convince the big stars.

Kosgei, between his two 'fetish' options

One of them is Brigid Kosgei, world record holder of distance and who is debating, in his case, between two tests, according to the Kenyan portal ‘Daily Nation’. The London Marathon, which is scheduled for October 4, and the Chicago Marathon (where he achieved the World Record with a stratospheric brand in 2019), to be held if the health crisis allows it on October 11. Kosgei was preparing to participate in the London test this spring: "I was going to defend my title there, it was very good physically, it was a shame". After London I was included in the Kenyan national team to participate in the Tokyo Games, but the postponement also 'knocked down' this illusion: “Now I am going to wait for next year, I think I can get to the appointment well and fit to win it "

Five months ahead

The London and Chicago marathons are still five months away, so the African woman has time to decide, which will have it really raw to overcome her record of last year that has elevated her to the altar of the gods. Kosgei is training in Eldoret alone and respecting the rules of social distancing: "When the camps closed, the only thing possible was to train a loner. So I'm doing that here at Eldoret, but how I miss the competitive race. I can't wait for things to go back to normal. ”

Kosgei won the prestigious London Marathon last year with a time of 2:18:20 ahead of his compatriot Vivian Cheruiyot, who scored 2:20:14; On her side, Rosa Dereje was third with 2:20:51.

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