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The dream of a triplet and the reality of numbers


· Mola, Gómez Noya and Alarza dispute the final of the triathlon World Cup next Saturday in Lausanne (Switzerland) with options to proclaim themselves world champion; Here we explain their possibilities and how they get to the appointment

· Frenchman Vincent Luis leads the World Series classification; finishing fifth is enough to get the title

· Saturday, August 31, 02:20 PM at - Teledeporte (tbc)

For a few years, the Spanish triathlon dreams of a triplet that does not arrive, but is still waiting. It will not be an easy company this time, especially since the Frenchman Vincent Luis is the one who starts with an advantage in this last test of the triathlon world cup. And also because the French, stroking his triathletic maturity, is a specialist in the grand final: he has won the last two under very different circumstances, although in both without the pressure of playing the world title.

The grand finale is land paid for surprises. Who was going to tell Jan Frodeno, Olympic champion and ultimately champion in Hawaii, that he would see a title disappear that he had practically in his hands on that icy and rainy day of the grand finale of Budapest in 2010, which he reached as Vincent Luis Lausanne and finally crowned Gomez Noya for the second time as world champion. Or Jonathan Brownlee who would collapse 300 meters from the goal in the humid heat of Cancun when he had the 2016 title in his pocket. His brother dragged him to the goal to enter second, but Mola managed to enter fifth in extremis and got his first world championship for only four points of almost 5000. And after what happened throughout this season, in which Jake Birtwhistle is the only one who has been able to repeat victory, and has been full of alternation and new faces, everything can happen in Lausanne.

The Spanish trio clings to that idea. Mola, Gómez Noya and Alarza are second, third and fourth respectively in the classification. His result in the grand final will add to the five best scores of the regular season. The Spanish Triathlon Federation, given the circumstances, decided, discreetly, to change its criteria for the Olympic classification and to ignore the simulation of the Olympic Games that was held in Tokyo on August 15 so that the three could focus on disputing the World Cup. After all, its three Olympic places are not in danger. The French Triathlon Federation and Luis took note of the Spanish maneuver and ultimately decided to also save the drill.

Mario Mola, for the fourth consecutive world

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Mario Mola has prepared the test at height, in Flagstaff (Arizona, USA) and Font Romeu (French Pyrenees), hand in hand with his training partner, a Frenchman named Vincent Luis. The same, yes. Since the arrival of the French in the Mola group in the middle of last season, Luis seems to have been the great beneficiary, because he has achieved the regularity that he lacked, and that today he puts his first world title on his face. To say that they know each other well, more than obvious is scarce when they share, practically, all of their workouts. But it is like this Mola's group, a corral full of well-roasted cocks, in which there are four World Series winners this year (Geens, Birtwhistle, Luis, Mola).

If Mola gets the title, will be the first triathlete in history to win four consecutive world championships and tie with the British Simon Lessing as the second with more twists, only behind the five of Gomez Noya. His victory this time would have a value if it is more important than the previous ones because this has undoubtedly been the most complicated season for the Balearic. After a brilliant start, with a great victory in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates under sprint distance (750m swimming, 20km bike, 5km walking race), Mola's performance plummeted in the next three races held in Olympic distance (1500m swimming, 40km bike, 10km running race), and coincidentally coinciding with the return of Gómez Noya. For the first time in years, it did not have a leading role and alarms went off. But nevertheless, "We managed to correct what was not working" He said after getting back on a podium in the next race that was played in distance sprint in Montreal, Canada. What they corrected, has not transcended publicly. In the last two tests, also in sprint distance, Mola was fourth and second, but without shining as usual or as he did in March in Abu Dhabi. Now he faces the final under Olympic distance, with a tremendously demanding cycling circuit, with two climbs that reach 12% in each of the seven laps, in which no one can hide.

His math:
He will be world champion if he wins the final and Luis finishes sixth; it is also worth it to finish second if Luis finishes eighth; or third and Luis ninth ... And in any case provided that Gomez Noya is not two places ahead of him.

Gómez Noya, for his sixth world Olympic distance

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At first it was to be tested in the first three Olympic distance tests to see if it looked competitive and aspired again to the only dam that has escaped alive for now in the Olympic distance: Olympic gold. He soon realized that he was and in save the Ironman of Hawaii in the future folder. And as many anticipated thanks to its everlasting regularity, it reaches the final with options to achieve its sixth world title. His chances could be even more significant if he had not fallen, swept away by another triathlete, in the pits of the last test of the regular season where he could have improved his fifth best result (a poor eighth place for those who aspire to win the World Cup ).

The Galician has dedicated this season to enjoy competing, to free himself from the competitive restrictions imposed by long distance, which were, they say in his environment, what Gomez Noya least liked about his season dedicated to Hawaii. He even competed in sprint distance in Montreal, with an intercontinental trip in between, the week after being runner-up of Middle Europe Ironman in Elsinor (Copenhagen, Denmark). This decision is only explained because Gómez Noya, at this point in his career; one, He no longer has the pressure to win another World Cup in Olympic distance; and two, he aspires to win his third world title of half Ironman on September 7 in Nice (France), in the event that unites the best Olympic distance and medium and long distance. And if that adds to his victory in the ITU world long distance this year at home, in Pontevedra ... Who gives more?

As the 2006 World Cup showed, where Gómez Noya was already tenth, Lausanne is a circuit for veteran people, tanned in a thousand battles and that demands that consistency in the three disciplines that few can boast like Galician.

If we only took into account the Olympic distance tests, Gómez Noya would arrive as leader in the final. He just needs to find that one punch winner who has not yet shown this year in Olympic distance.

His math:
He will be world champion if he wins the test, Luis is eighth and Mola third; or if it is second, Luis tenth and Mola does not climb the podium.

Alarza, for his first World Cup

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2019 has been a year of changes for Alarza. He was a father; changed coach, Roberto Cejuela guides his steps now; training group and place of residence, with the University of Alicante; and training model: from a more specialist model by segment to a more triathlon approach as a whole. “I changed to be a 100% triathlete,” he said in March to the Broker's Exchange. However, what did not change for Alarza this year was his bad luck: falls, mechanical problems or diseases in the days and hours before the competition that reduced his performance. And yet, even if it is the most difficult one, its results allow the Talaverano to jump into Lake Leman with the illusion of proclaiming himself world champion, or at least climbing for the second time to the World Cup podium.

His math:
He will be world champion if he wins the final, Luis finishes out of the top-10, Mola is seventh and Gomez Noya finishes sixth.

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