News : The drunk driver who killed a cyclist in Granollers released

News :

The drunk driver who killed a cyclist in Granollers released

Image of the vehicle of the drunk driver of Granollers

We never tire of saying and repeating that the law for drivers who run over cyclists while under the influence of drugs is incredibly lax. Too often we get sad news of this type of event in which, too often, there are fatalities. Cyclists who go out in the morning to ride and do not return home after a good workout, as it should be in a normal world. We are repulsed by these types of attitudes, which also tend to imply in many cases the flight by these drivers. The latest case comes to us from Granollers and, unfortunately, has involved the death of one of the affected cyclists. Rest in peace.

A fateful Thursday

It all happened last Thursday when un driver who subsequently tested positive for breathalyzer lost control of his vehicle after overtaking another on a tight curve and swept five cyclists ahead, as the SER journalist Anna Punsí narrates on Twitter. Result: One dead, one critically injured, one serious and two less serious. The driver gave a BAC of 0.85, more than three times what is allowed.

Well, recently it has been known that the judge has released him with charges. He is a 39-year-old neighbor of Granollers. His driver's license and passport have been withdrawn and he has to appear every 15 days in court. Amazing…

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