News : The fighter planes. Peter Sagan’s new hobby

News : The fighter planes. Peter Sagan’s new hobby

Peter Sagan fighter plane

It seems that pedaling on a road bike is starting to get boring. Peter sagan. The charismatic Slovakian cyclist who on other occasions has already delighted us with spectacular stunts on top of other types of bicycles, has surprised us all when he posted a video and a small text about his new hobby on his social networks.

In the publication in question you can see the triple world champion on the road, enjoy as a companion of a spectacular flight in a fighter plane.

Speed, pirouettes and a force close to 8g They are about to play a trick on the Bora Hansgrohe rider, who on one occasion is even forced to reach for the emergency bag for dizziness.

Sagan, who is still on vacation, was joking that they would call him in case there was a seat available for the international space station.

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