News : The first popular 'post virus' race, in Barcelona on June 27

News :

The first popular 'post virus' race, in Barcelona on June 27

The course will be held in Sant Pau with a limit of 100 runners

It seems to have happened a world since the last popular race we have lived, participated or simply read. Weeks, months in which we have gone from hope to discouragement to now return to a state of caution, but with a halo of light there that allows us to dream of competing again in person in something similar to how we did before the coronavirus will land in our lives.

While we participate in races and online circuits like the one we have running from the Stock Market of the Runner (the Rainbow Virtual Series), which help us to maintain motivation and tickle before the tests and to exercise with a purpose in mind, we are seeing little a bit like the 'new normal' in terms of race organization refers to sticking its head out.

On 27-J, an appointment at the Hospital de Sant Pau

Although it is symbolic and in a very small and restrictive format, next Saturday June 27 we will experience the first popular race 'post coronavirus' in Catalonia. It will take place within the beautiful modernist site of Sant Pau and the company 'Championchip' will collaborate in it; will have a limit of 100 participants, who will make six laps of the usual 800-meter circuit of the Scientific Course that is held every year in the Hospital. For the classification, only the two fastest consecutive laps of each rider will count. The exits will be staggered to avoid any problems and a group of volunteers from the Hospital, with Dr. Serra Grima from the Cardiology service in charge, will watch over the participants and ensure compliance with the restrictions and distances.

Three cache athletes will participate as ambassadors Carles Castillejo, Reyes Estévez and Josep Lluís Blanco and all the proceeds will go entirely for the investigation of the Covid-19 in the same Hospital.

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