News : The first sanctioned by virtual doping arrives

News :

The first sanctioned by virtual doping arrives

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About a year ago the madness broke loose with the announcement of the first national indoor cycling championship. The British federation announced that the country would recognize the first national Zwift champion for all intents and purposes. A news that raised discrepancies among the public and opened the doors of a great debate after knowing that the International Cycling Union (UCI) seriously values ​​the option of creating the first indoor cycling world championship.

10 months after the announcement comes a real bombshell from the hand of First case of virtual doping. Cameron Jeffers, winner of the British championship, is sanctioned with 6 months by the English federation after knowing that Jeffers benefited from illegal practices to win the competition.

Apparently the young cyclist used a computer "bot" to hack the application, modify the power data and get "free" the best kit for the competition.

The scam was double because it modified both the data that was transmitted through external devices (roller, potentiometer and cadence and heart rate sensors) as well as your Zwift account to quickly level up and get the best virtual bicycles.

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Indoor cycling championships are increasingly common. Photo: Facebook Zwift

Jeffers was smarter than it may seem a priori, since the traps were precise enough to go unnoticed. It is noted that the British cyclist dominated the matter and is that at no time showed exaggeratedly high data. Apparently only He tricked the application with his body weight to clearly improve the weight-to-power ratio. On the other hand, apparently the potentiometer provided higher power data of which Jeffers was able to really move and finally took care of hacking the account to get the lightest and fastest bike in the game.

Jeffers subsequently publicly apologized through his YouTube account.

Unfortunately, it seems that this black market for virtual material is nothing new and it is that in several virtual forums the steps to be followed to get this pirate material are detailed.

Seeing is believing! We have here the first case of virtual doping. Will it be the last? Unfortunately, I doubt it and some seem to have no limits in order to show off and show off to others.

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