News : The first winner of the New York Marathon crossed the line after 50 years

News : The first winner of the New York Marathon crossed the line after 50 years

Gary Muhrcke crossed the finish line with his son / NYC Marathon

Very emotional moment that was lived this past September 13 in the streets of New York. The first winner of the prestigious American City Marathon, Gary Muhrcke, rode a lap of the original circuit 50 years later of his victory in the Big Apple. Half a century of life this ‘Major’ that every year collapses the inscriptions because everyone wants to go through it. As the ‘Runner’s World’ teammates tell us, Gary participated that day to play a hare and help his friend Pat Bastick on that characteristic original four-lap circuit. Mid-race, after two laps completed, Pat retired. Gary, who was in 12th position at the time, threw the rest and finished winning with a not inconsiderable time of 2:31:39.

Less than half finished the race

Of the 127 runners who started the race, only 55 finished it. And to commemorate that anniversary, despite the exceptional situation we are experiencing due to the pandemic and not being able to pay a more ‘pompous’ tribute, Gary joined his son to complete a lap of that mythical circuit which gave this retired firefighter an unexpected victory. They finished that symbolic lap at 58.21. “I still think it’s a very tough race. It is an honor to have been able to run it with my son, I think I would have beaten it easily if I had wanted to… ”.

It was not the only great success for Muhrcke, who also prevailed in the climb to the Empire State Building and twice in the Yonkers Marathon. She is still running and exercising daily in her 80s today.

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