News : The first World Record in times of coronavirus falls

News :

The first World Record in times of coronavirus falls

Xie, in a file image

Chinese Zhenye Xie established in Nanjing a new world record in the distance of 150 smooth meters with a record of 14.79. Little by little, life is returning to normal in the Asian country, where no massive competitions have been held yet, but the ‘Meetings’ and the tests with little or no direct public attendance are resumed.

Xie beats Michael Johnson and Lindford Christie

Xie has thus surpassed the previous established mark Michael Johnson (14.83) in passing by 150 during his 200 of the Atlanta Games '96 (ended up achieving personal mark with 19.32) and the record of the Jamaican-born British Lindford Christie, who achieved 14.97 in Sheffield on September 4, 1994 (at the time World Record).

It should be emphasized that 150 is not a distance that is part of the ‘World Athletics’ official athletics program. A return to normal is still very far ahead in European countries, which for the most part have not reached the so-called peak of infections and deaths, therefore, a priori competitions will take time to be held as we know them. In fact, the early stages of the Diamond League and the Olympics have already been canceled, while The Paris European Championship in August continues to stand and can become the first major international competition in the world of athletics. We will see.

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