News : The free Rainbow Virtual Series 2020 virtual racing circuit is born

News :

The free Rainbow Virtual Series 2020 virtual racing circuit is born

Looking for new goals? Although at the moment we cannot enjoy our hobby as much as we would like, we want to achieve new goals that seemed impossible.

Born Rainbow Virtual Series, a circuit of seven races free organized
by The Stockbroker-SPORT, its BCTEAM running club and the support of Easypromos , with which you can set new goals, choose one or different tests, and keep your motivation at bay:

  • May 24: Green run / 10km
  • June 21: Indigo Run / 10km
  • July 5: Violet Run / 5km
  • August 30 Blue run / 5km
  • September 27: Yellow Run / 10km
  • October 18: Orange run / Half marathon
  • November 22: Red Run / Marathon

How does it work?

For take part you have to enroll in

On race days you must complete the distance in your favorite training place, on the treadmill or in the hallway of your house, according to the protocols established by the competent health authorities in your place of residence, and share the result within of a 48 hours once the race date has passed.

With a unique registration code provided at the time of registration you can identify yourself in all the tests of the circuit to record the result.

The evidence of Rainbow Virtual Series are not competitive so there will be no prizes. Even so, results will be established with the following categories: individual classification of each test and general classification of the circuit by sex and age groups.

To participate and score in the Rainbow Virtual Series participation in all tests is not necessary.

Also I know will reward participation with many surprises: raffles of exclusive material, contests, games. Fun is guaranteed!

Many km await us in company in #RainbowVirtualSeries

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