News : The hares were left alone in the Istanbul Half Marathon

News : The hares were left alone in the Istanbul Half Marathon

The two hares, opening a lot of space with the leading group

The least curious image that has come to us this Sunday morning of the Istanbul Half Marathon, the first road test with international TOP athletes from Valencia. In the running were the world record holder Kandie, the man who was ousted by Kamworor or the Ethiopians Yehualaw and Walelegn and the Ugandan Stepehen Kissa (in the male category). It turns out that the race started with the hares running (we imagine) at the rhythms indicated by the organization.

Something logical so far. But is that we were at kilometer 2 and the gap between the pacers and the bulk of the leading group was quite important. Only Ugandan Stephen Kissa could keep up with him. Obviously the adverse conditions with which the Turkish city said good morning this Sunday (rain and wind) did not help. In any case, the situation has been at least disconcerting because both Ngueno and his partner who were hares were pulling and opening more and more space.

Ngueno, only at kilometer 10

So much so that, as Marc Roig was narrating, one of the physiotherapists and trainers of Kipchoge and Geoffrey Kamworor in his training group, has expressed his surprise on social networks in the face of a phenomenon at least strange. In fact, Bernanrd Ngueno, called to ‘guide’ the first swords, among which there were several world record holders, has remained only around kilometer 9 and with about 60 meters of advantage over the chasing group.

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