News : The impossible 'ax' on the same goal of Kandie over Kiplimo in Sao Paulo

News :

The impossible 'ax' on the same goal of Kandie over Kiplimo in Sao Paulo

Image of the tremendous end that was lived in Sao Paulo

Incredible end that they gave us two top athletes like Jacob Kiplimo and Kibiwott Kandie at the San Silvestre de Sao Paulo. This ‘sansil’ different from 15 kilometers is one of the most prestigious races in the world and is played by day in this city of Brazil. In the 2019 edition, there has been an arrival at the apotheosis goal and one of the most spectacular endings to remember. The Ugandan Jacob Kiplimo, a silver medal in the past world cros, already celebrated the victory and began to slow down before grabbing the tape when Kenyan Kandie appeared as an exhalation on his left and snatched a sung victory.

Unbelievable the maneuver of the compatriot of Eliud Kipchoge, who set the new record of the international elite modality of the Brazilian test with a time of 42:59, while his compatriot Brigid Kosgei has won the winner with a time of 48:54 .

Kandie, 23, con his new record improved the previous one of 43:12, which was since 1995 in the hands of also Kenyan Paul Tergat. This 2019, young Ugandan Jacob Kiplimo finished the 15 kilometers in second place (43:00) and another Kenyan, Titus Ekiru, finished third at 43:54.

Kosgei wins ‘left over’ the women's event

In the meantime, Brigid Kosgei confirmed favoritism at 25 and led from start to finish to win the women's race. His compatriot Scheila Chelangat finished in second place with a time of 50:10 and the Ethiopian Tisadik Alem Nigus finished in third place with 50:12.

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