News : The jumper Chaunte Lowe fights cancer by training for Tokyo

News :

The jumper Chaunte Lowe fights cancer by training for Tokyo

Chaunte Lowe, training for Tokyo
Chaunte Lowe, training for Tokyo

Beautiful report that the NBC gives us this week. Four-time Olympic jumper Chaunte Lowe was diagnosed with breast cancer just two days after another legendary athlete died for his tireless fight against the disease, also American Gabriele Grunewald.

Lowe, 35, and a mother of three, won the bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics ’08 and is also a world champion in her specialty, the high jump. The US record holder (2.02 in 2012) knew that he suffers from this disease on June 13 and since then he has not ceased to have a positive mind and face it as an example.

Tokyo as an example for everyone

“Obviously it is not the news that one wants to receive,” commented Howard-Lowe (Howard is her husband's last name), who said that “it is important for prevention and for research; many women suffer from breast cancer and it is something that until now I had not paid attention to".

About what happened to Grunewald, Lowe has no doubt that "she was an example as a fighter and as an athlete." Since the cancer was detected, The jumper has the mission of promoting women to have mammograms before age 40 (age from which they are recommended), since she was detected with 35.

Lowe is aware that if he reached his fifth Olympic Games after overcoming a blow like this he would be an example of improvement and an inspiration for other women. It is because of that is training hard to overcome the ‘hardness’ of the disease and to have the mind occupied in an ambitious goal, beyond fighting for your day to day life. This is what the companions of the ‘NBC’ have shown us in an inspiring report. “I want to be seen as an example for prevention. I don't smoke, I don't drink, I have a healthy life, but I still have cancer with 35 years. ”

Offering his daily struggle to the world

In the report she is seen playing with her three children and with her head shaved by the chemotherapy treatment she is undergoing. "My first thought was that I was going to leave my son without a mother." Chaunte shares his fight with his followers through his Instagram account. "Sometimes the training is just walking because I don't have the strength to go, but I want to be in Tokyo and send that message," says Lowe

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