News : The Kipchoge Nike AlphaFly 'flies' on its first day on sale!

News :

The Kipchoge Nike AlphaFly 'flies' on its first day on sale!

Kipchoge and the AlphaFly, an indestructible binomial

The stock that Nike put on sale on June 3 of the Nike AlphaFly with which Eliud Kipchoge achieved his famous INEOS 1:59 Challenge in Vienna last October lasted just a few hours. The famous magic sneakers that the Kenyan wore to go down for the first time in the history of the two-hour marathon, a model that has caused countless comments throughout these months and that even the 'World Athletics' has been forced to restrict (without much success, by the way). A ‘shoe’ with up to three carbon fiber plates (when its predecessors, the VaporFly Next, only carry one) and a midsole height of up to 50 millimeters.

Great ‘feedback’

Kipchoge explained a few days ago what the sneakers had meant to him (“I think this sneaker will be part of my legacy. I have contributed my ‘feedback’ in the last six years"). A shoe made to measure for the Kenyan, for many the best marathoner of all time. They have undoubtedly been a revolution and it seems that the starting lines of the next marathons and tests will continue to fill them in the coming months (when they return, of course).

Just few woman numbers

The fact is that Nike released on June 3 on its website in Spain the first primera batch ’of AlphaFly and they only lasted a few hours. In fact, if we go to the portal of the North American multinational directly there is no stock of this model. Well, there is a women's model (buying it now it arrives in 14 days and it has a price of 300 euros). The male model is out of stock. We imagine that they will soon be available for purchase again.

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