News : The lesson that Des Linden gives us on Strava with an activity at 5: 00 / km

News : The lesson that Des Linden gives us on Strava with an activity at 5: 00 / km

Des Linden, training in adverse conditions in the USA / Twitter

We are obsessed with comparing ourselves to others. There has come a point where if we do some outdoor activity, If we go out for a run or roll with the bike, it does not make sense to do so if we do not take our watch or our GPS and record the data in Strava or on any other platform to share it with others. Flaunting has become the same or more important than doing the training itself. It’s sad (and beware, there are many cases in which this phenomenon does not occur), but it is a reality. What’s this all about? Well, because the marathoner and winner of a ‘major’ (Boston 2018) Des Linden has given us a lesson on her Twitter account about appearances and the obsession to compare ourselves with the rest.

Looks are deceiving

The American has posted two photos. The first shows an activity from your Strava account. Some very discreet numbers for being one of the best American long distance runners ever and still active (she won her last ‘major’ in 2018). 10 miles (16 kilometers) at a pace of 7:46 miles / kilometer, which would amount to running at 5: 00 / km through our parts. As we said, a very earthly training with the naked eye.

But Linden has attached another photo to the side that explained everything. And is that the session was on totally adverse terrain, with snow, mud and unevenness. “What you see on Strava.” “What you don’t see on Strava.” “Comparing yourself to others is stupid.” This is Linden’s moral. And that should make us all reflect …

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