News : The lesson that Salma Paralluelo gives us after breaking the crusader

News : The lesson that Salma Paralluelo gives us after breaking the crusader

Salma Paralluelo, after suffering a knee injury

In soccer and athletics of the highest level at her young age, Salma Celeste Paralluelo, one of the strongest promises of both sports at the national level, has just suffered a very hard blow. A setback that an athlete should never suffer, much less someone from his youth who has to do it.

And is that the Aragonese suffered a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee in an action of the game that his team, Villarreal, played this past weekend against Granada. The footballer, who had already scored a goal, saw her knee get caught in a fortuitous action with a rival. Although she wanted to continue playing, she had to be substituted and left the club groguet on crutches.

The World Relay World Cup is lost

After the pertinent tests, the worst omens were confirmed with this cruciate ligament tear and she should be operated on in the next 10-15 days. It is estimated that he will be out for half a year. A very hard blow as we said and it is that in just two weeks it is worth remembering that I had the World Relay World Cup in Poland. The Aragonese, current national champion sub’20, was called to participate in the mixed and female relay of the 400, her test.

Despite the tremendous emotional setback that it has represented for her, she has left a message on social networks more typical of a 30-year-old who has already received several blows in life than from a 17-year-old girl with everything to do.

“Now I think that I will not be able to bear it, I feel down and angry with the world. Everything was going so well, everything was so perfect that falling from so high costs me a lot. Not everything is good in sport as in life itself, and yes, I know the theory but how difficult it is for me to assimilate ”.

“It is part of my destiny, part of my evolution, and it will also be part of my maturity process, sport now takes me away, but above all it gives me and has given me so many unique and beautiful moments, that for them, for returning to enjoy them, I’ll try to make going through this not so much. This will make me stronger, it will make me grow and it will give me even more strength and motivation to continue working for my dreams ”.

“My cruciate ligament injury will take me away from the tracks and soccer fields for a while, thus missing important dates, such as the World Relay World Cup, the illusion of competing in a European and U20 athletics world cup, the first phase of the European soccer sub19s, international championships, why not, being able to opt for the Olympic Games and thousands of other experiences for which I love sport ”.

“I know I’m not well, but I’ll be fine, nothing is going to take away the blind faith that I have to fulfill my dreams, I’ve worked hard and I still have to work twice as hard, but I promise myself that I’ll come back stronger and that I won’t stop. to work until I can not reach them. I had a dream when I was little when they asked me, I said that I wanted to be the best athlete and the best footballer in the world, and this complicated step is not going to take away that dream. Thank you for all the messages of support and encouragement ”.

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