News : The male assault broker arrested a reporter

News :

The male assault broker arrested a reporter

The runner, arrested in the United States

Punishment for the runner who last weekend touched a reporter's ass during the 5k dispute in the United States. The subject, Thomas Callaway, of the state of Georgia, was arrested last Friday and forced to pay an economic fine of $ 1,500 for the vexation of the journalist covering the River Bridge Run. In addition, Callaway faces a penalty that could amount to 12 months in jail and a penalty that could go up to $ 5,000.

Alex Bozarjian, which is what this worker is called WSAV News 3, reported on social networks the act of sexist violence he suffered in the American town and also sent a clear and concise message to the aggressor and all of his ‘cane’.

The defense says that "Tommy is a good husband"

Bozarjian's reaction is from ‘Absolute’ shock when he finds himself narrating ‘in situ’ the race and notices how someone handles him from behind. A ‘joke’ without any hint of grace and that can cost this American ‘runner’ very much.

The strongest case is that the defense of the aggressor fences that “Tommy acted with criminal intentions. He is a good husband and very active father in the community. We are in contact with Mrs. Bozarjian's environment and with the organization of the event ”.

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