News : 'The Match', the Ryder Cup of athletics for which nine Spaniards have the ticket

News :

'The Match', the Ryder Cup of athletics for which nine Spaniards have the ticket

'The Match', the ambitious duel United States-Europe
'The Match', the ambitious duel United States-Europe

It will be one of the great preludes to the great athletic event of this 2019, the Doha World Cup. Three weeks before the appointment begins in Qatar, ‘The Match’ will see the light. A top-level competition between the best European and American athletes in a format that reminds of the ‘Ryder Cup’ of golf or the de Laver Cup ’of tennis.

It will be played in Minsk (Belarus) next September 9 and 10 and for her there are up to nine Spaniards who have the insured ticket: Fernando Carro, Adel Mechaal, Orlando Ortega and Miguel Ángel Sancho (for having won their respective individual tests in the European Cup of Selections in Poland) and Dani Arce, Héctor Santos, Eusebio Cáceres, Ana Peleteiro and Lois Maikel Martínez for ranking (the top three on a continental level).

Matches with other competitions

That does not mean that everyone will automatically participate in this duel that recovers the essence of the one that was held until the 1960s. They are very delicate dates in which the athletes, beyond national championships (as in the case of Spain, held in La Nucía on August 31 and September 1), have the Diamond League finals just on day 6. Everything, as we said, with Doha on the horizon. That is why until the European Federation does not rule on the final call, we will have to wait.

Match The Match ’, as we mentioned, will be held at the Minsk Dynamo Stadium, with a capacity for 22,000 spectators and will have four American and four European participants in each discipline. The prizes that are distributed are the following:

1. 7,000 euros

2. 5,000

3. 4,000

4. 3,000

5. 2,000

6. 1,000



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