News : The metamorphosis of the fastest marathon runner in the United States

News :

The metamorphosis of the fastest marathon runner in the United States

Ryan Hall became the 2011 Boston Marathon the first target to drop from 2:05:00 (2:04:58). Two years earlier, he had already achieved the national record in a half marathon with a time of 59:43, becoming the first American to break the hour-long barrier.

It was in 2016, at the age of 33, that he announced his retirement due to chronic health problems induced by low testosterone levels and extreme fatigue that did not allow him to train at the necessary level. At that time, I was accumulating 20 years trying to keep the weight at bay, to be as light as possible. It moved at 57 kg with a height of 1.78 m.

Thereafter Hall devoted himself to bodybuilding and caring for his 4 daughters. He wrote his own workouts that we have been following through his Instagram profile.

Yesterday I announced that I had just finished a 9-week mini-cut while showing the impressive results. A minicut, as we saw in depth in this other article, It is a short period of time in which the calorie intake is significantly reduced. In the world of fitness, they are practiced sporadically in periods of volume (muscle gain) in order to promptly stop the caloric surplus and thus lose, or at least control, the percentage of body fat.

Thus, he has managed to go from 83 kg to 75 kg, reducing calorie intake from 4K to approximately 3k, performing a single run during the 9 weeks (without other cardiovascular exercises in addition to hitting a punching bag approximately 4 times per week during 20 minutes) and maintaining the usual weight routine.

“I love how much our bodies can change in a relatively short period of time. When I was running marathons professionally, I was rarely able to run a mile at the marathon target pace when I was six months into the race, but with a consistent and holistic training plan everything changed on race day, ”says Hall.

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