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The most desired sports watches for this Black Friday

He Black Friday 2019 It is just around the corner. The last Friday of November is, for years in Spain, an unbeatable opportunity to acquire the most desired products.

Many consumers take advantage of the proximity of this event to Christmas dates to advance gifts, taking advantage of Black Friday offers. In 2018, this event moved 1.560 million euros in purchases only through the Internet, 10% more than in 2017, according to the Spanish Association of the Digital Economy.

In physical commerce, the consumption fever that unleashed this appointment made the rebound out of 8%, passing the average expenditure per person from 233 euros in 2017 to 256 in 2018. The commercial party that unleashes Black Friday began in Spain almost a decade ago and has gone from being a campaign in which only They offered sales for 24 hours until establishments that offer up to a week of discounts.

One of these businesses that points to this new modality is PcComponentes. So, PcComponentes Black Friday 2019 it will be active from November 24 to 29, the date of Black Friday, and during November 21 the portal will publish the dates of its thematic days.

In that week of mass commerce, a study of purchase interests prepared by PcComponentes offers interesting figures on what are the most sought after articles on Black Friday, among which the wearables, mobile phones, airpods and game consoles, among others. So, if you are warming up for this great party, we want to help you take advantage of the best offers available on the internet.

Today, we want to focus on the best sports watches currently available with an analysis of the best sellers. Stay tuned and take note for the last week of November.

The best sports wearables you can buy

Below, we show you a small guide on the wearables: sports watches and wristbands most desired activity of the moment. Without a doubt, it will be one of the star products of Black Friday 2019, with great offers and discounts. Sign up the model you like best and spend that week in stores like PcComponentes, where you will probably find them with discounts.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The arrival of the activity bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 5 it will have to wait until, at least, the year 2020. Meanwhile, we will have to settle for the revolutionary MI Band 4, which was launched during the summer of 2019, and nothing suggests that the new release arrives in 2020, as the Chinese company usually launches a Mi Band every year.

The Mi Band 5, which is already in development as confirmed by Xiaomi, will feature NFC as a great novelty, an NFC for everyone, not limited to certain countries. Currently, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is imposed as a great option for its good value for money, its extensive autonomy and its versatility and simplicity in design, in addition to its functionality, as the belts of the Mi Band 3 are compatible.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 offers data on steps, distances, calories, sleep and workouts and its price in the market It is less than 35 euros.

Apple Watch 4

With a year already in the market and living with his successor, Apple Watch 5, Apple Watch 4 remains one of the most desired smartwatches by the general public. This model is the one that supposes the most important redesign since the immersion of Apple in the field of smartwatches, in 2015, although it does not seem so.

Apple Watch Series 4 have 40 and 44 mm designs, and not 38 and 42. The screen occupies more in the design, reaching the edges. These watches are easier to carry, offer a good resolution and a lot of brightness. The straps of previous generations are compatible and the price is more accessible than the previous models at its premiere.

Other novelties of this model with respect to previous versions is the change of the microphone and speaker. The microphone moves away from the speaker, which makes the latter more powerful.

This Apple watch is much more than an element of quantification, sports watch or basic communication. Is a full-fledged smartwatch It offers a lot of information, larger and with an interaction that is not uncomfortable.

In the sporting aspect. Apple Watch Series 4 incorporates ialtitude information and training modes to show partial, heart rate and recovery data or a map with the exercise track.

Garmin Forerunner 235

In the section of purely sports watches the Forerunner 235 sneaks in force, due to its high value for money. This model incorporates a very discreet and attractive circular design, although somewhat large. This allows you to see graphics comfortably, but makes it more recommended for people with thick wrists.

The Forerunner 235 measures the pulse in the wrist and the activity by means of the accelerometer for interiors and the systems GPS and Glonass in exteriors. Its autonomy is approximately 11 hours with the GPS on. It is designed for tests of Cycling and running.

Your connection to the smartphone is robust and complete, automatically load sessions and with it you can download widgets and applications, download training plans and share brands on social networks.

Garmin Phoenix 6

Garmin Phoenix 6 is the newest version of Garmin. This watch keeps its round and elegant dial, but is 18% larger than previous models. The Phoenix 6 incorporates the Pace Pro technology to keep up the race desired according to the irregularities of the land. Climb Pro technology does the same in climbing.

All Garmin Fénix 6 models incorporate the pulse oximeter on the wrist and the classic heart rate monitor. With the pulse oximeter the oxygen saturation in the tissues is measured. Another novelty of this family of devices is the possibility of incorporating a solar screen.

These watches are multisport and support a large number of sports profiles, from running or trail running to golf through swimming in the pool and open water or combined run-swim disciplines.

Polar Vantage V

This sports watch belongs to the high-end. It is a model with a very fine and elegant aesthetic and it is very complete in sensory, metric and autonomy aspects, reaching the 40 hours in case you have GPS activated.

The Vantage V offers more than 130 sports profiles to choose from, being able to change from one sport to another in the same session. Its metrics range from aerobic capacity and fitness to muscle load analysis.

The watch It has an app in which to hang the workouts to register them with greater comfort, with training plans, analysis tools and progress reports, among other utilities.

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