News : The most surreal goal in the history of athletics

News :

The most surreal goal in the history of athletics

Image of the incredible arrival
Image of the incredible arrival

It was not a first level competition, but its protagonists did not take it with less significance. Athletics is lived in any level and level passionately. In fact the recent times we have already seen an increase in arrivals to the 'superman', literally throwing themselves headlong into the void. If not, tell it to Infinite Tucker, who recently won in the 400 hurdles of the SEC championships in Fayetteville thanks to a 'photo finish' brutal throwing himself head and with arms forward.

Another episode of an end of these characteristics, but multiplied by four, we have lived in the 300 hurdles test of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association. Up to four athletes have thrown themselves all the way to the finish line looking to scratch a few hundredths of a second to the chrono (most, others seem to be thrown because they are totally ecstatic).

We do not know exactly what was at stake, if a scholarship, if the honor or if something rather fat, but what is clear is that these guys leave everything absolutely in search of victory.

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