News : The mythical Behobia resists and offers a pioneering alternative to its stalwarts

News :

The mythical Behobia resists and offers a pioneering alternative to its stalwarts

La Behobia-San Sebastián is always synonymous with entertainment

The Behobia-San Sebastián, one of the most mythical annual tests on the national athletics calendar, is currently resisting the 'onslaught' of the coronavirus and maintains the date of its celebration (November 8, 2020). The organization is closely following the update of the pandemic situation to see whether or not it can finally be carried out in this "new normal". Around 30,000 runners meet each year in a test considered as the 'Tour de France' of running at the Spanish level due to the tremendous environment that is lived and the hardness of a route that is usually 'bathed' by inclement weather , as happened in the last edition disputed in November 2019.

An alternative designed to live together

From the organization of the test, despite the fact that we have already commented that everything still stands, han ‘mounted’ independently a virtual version that will coexist with the official and face-to-face race. Registrations will open on July 16 and will cost 15 euros and the idea is that each one will be traveled from the location that they want the 20 kilometers that the race has throughout the week from November 2 to 8, date race dispute officer.

The distance can be completed in all the sessions that are needed, there is no reason to run the entire distance in a single session. The objective must be that on November 8 the 20 km have been completed. The race registration will be done through an APP with technology based on geolocation developed by Runnea. All registered people will receive a commemorative medal that will be presented in the near future.

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