News : The National Record of 100 meters does not serve to be Olympic

News : The National Record of 100 meters does not serve to be Olympic

Ferdinand Omanyala stopped the clock at 10.01 in Nigeria

Ferdinand Omanyala recently achieved what the Kenya National Record of the 100 meters. The sprinter stopped the clock at a stratospheric 10.01 in a meeting in Lagos (Nigeria), which meant (obviously) minimal to be at the Tokyo Olympics. The problem is that Omanyala was sanctioned for doping in 2017 and the Kenyan Federation regulations prohibit athletes who have doped (even if they have served a sanction) from representing the country in national competitions, as ‘BBC Sport’ comments in a recent report. .

14 months sanctioned for doping

This 25-year-old student served a 14-month sentence after being found guilty of taking a prohibited substance by the Kenya Anti-Doping Agency. At the time it occurred I was 21 years old, has asked the federation for a second chance after having made this grave mistake of “youth”. A former rugby player, Ferdinand started athletics just five years ago.

“We would still like him to race for the Kenyan team, because it is unclear what rule the Federation relies on now to prevent it from running under the Kenyan flag“, Has assured his lawyer, who adds that “In case the Federation is unwilling to help you compete as a Kenyan athlete on the Kenya team, we can ask the IOC to agree to allow you to participate as an independent Olympian from Kenya, but under the banner of the National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOCK ) “.

“I have learned from my past mistakes, I complied with my ban and I learned a lot from my experience,” commented Ferdinand, who awaits a new opportunity. And that their National Record be ratified, of course.

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