News : The new challenge for Toni Abadía: defeat a racehorse … but how?

News :

The new challenge for Toni Abadía: defeat a racehorse ... but how?

Juan Carlos Higuero is a restless guy, capable of revolutionizing himself in a moment.

At age 42, he spends his life producing ideas capable of making him happy and making us happy, which, in this case, would be synonymous terms.

One day this July, on vacation in Palma de Mallorca, having dinner pa amb oli, a very typical island dish, he came up with the idea.

One of his interlocutors Rafael Manera, technical director of the Balearic Trot Federation (FBT), was the first to listen to him

-Why don't we confront an athlete with a racehorse? - Asked as who does not want the thing.

Juan Carlos Higuero, actually, is one of those who thinks that athletics is not all invented yet, that still exists the imagination.

And from that idea a signing was born.

The next day they went to the Son Pardo racecourse and Higuero took the opportunity to "time the horses' times" and check the route, each lap is just 1,000 meters with a sand floor that, in some way, can be compared to the field to through.

-How do you see it, Juan Carlos? Rafael Manera asked him.

-It's possible. I see it possible, 'he replied.

Later, he spoke with Juan Llabata, the president of the Balearic Federation, and between the two they adjusted the route.

-While he horse would have than do two turns the athlete would make one. The frontier for victory would be around 2 minutes, 28 seconds.

The last step was to present the project to Luis Socias, the president of the Mallorca Equestrian Sports Institute, which was a success. He also gave the ok.

All very fast, like summer loves, but life is sometimes like that.

"When an idea works, okay," they agreed. Even more so in this age when we have so many limitations.

And the date was set: August 28.

From there it was only the plus easy or the plus hard: find that athlete who could face the racehorse.

A task reserved for Higuero, who telephoned Zaragoza the next day.

- What do you think, Toni?

Toni is Toni Abadía, an athlete in the prime of life. A guy who just turned 30 and whose resume is a source of pride for Spanish athletics.

-It seems like a very, very demanding idea -he answered- and of course it motivates me: we are here to do different things and, suddenly, to think that I am going to face a racehorse, an animal adapted for high competition ... No it's easy but it's tempting. Yes, Juan Carlos, I think it's great ... Can tell with me she added.

Since then, Higuero has lived by and for this idea. He has transferred his life to Palma these weeks “because things, if they don't go well, it's better not to do them and we have to do the impossible to make it go well. Not leaving an inch free to chance ”.

It is the strength of commitment.

-Now, beyond health, I have nothing more important. They have given me the opportunity and to fail them would be horrible. Organizing an event like this implies entering an unknown world, something that no I know he has done never. We must be perfectionists by force ”.

Abadía is the one who must face Variuso du Bouffey, a thoroughbred born in France in 2009, capable of exceeding 70 kilometers per hour, who this time will be driven by a phenomenon: Juan Antonio Riera. A guy whose biography collects 3,239 wins: sterling gold.

"It's true that its speed is scary," Abadía agrees. But we are going to try to abstract from what the rival is doing and focus on what we can do. I have seen horse races, I have seen what the racetrack is like… that is my only way of studying it.

But in no case does he give up.

-No, no, not at all. If i can run he kilometer by below of 2:30“Despite the irregularities on the ground, I think I will have a chance. That is why I have to trust myself. I am an athlete who adapts well to the cross country.

Being realistic does not prevent rescuing Toni Abadía's options.

"The idea, at least, is to be even, because no one forgets that I start with an advantage because I have to do half the distance that the horse takes," he irons.

If nothing happens, on August 28 we will check if this challenge is possible. Abadía is already doing its “cross country forays” these days to prepare and the horse is also at work, because “a horse no it is how a motorcycle you park and then you start ”, as Rafael Manera recalls. "You must exercise it every day."


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