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The new challenge of the best athletes

Kevin Mayer, in a file / EFE image

The French Kevin Mayer, German Niklas Kaul and Estonian Maicel Uibo, three of the most significant athletes of the moment, will play this Sunday a new series of the challenge from the garden, this time a distance competition with three tests.

In a similar way to how the best pertiguistas of recent times faced each other, both in the male and female categories, Mayer, current world record holder, Kaul and Uibo, world champion and runner-up in 2019, will face each other from their homes in Montpellier, Mainz and Cermont (Florida) in a virtual triathlon that combines strength, speed, and that tests their endurance capacity.


The competition will start with a pole vault test. Athletes will have to overcome as many times as possible, for ten minutes, 4.00 meters high. They will then compete by weight. They must send the 7.26-kilo bullet beyond twelve meters, again for ten minutes. The challenge will conclude with a race test in which two cones will be placed twenty meters away and the athletes will receive points every time they complete the round trip.. They have five minutes to get the maximum possible. They will all join and the one who accumulates the most among all the tests will win.

Televised test

The competition, if time permits, will begin at 5:00 p.m. (3:00 p.m. GMT) and will be broadcast live on the channels of the International Athletics Federation (World Athletics).

In the two Ultimate Garden Clash disputed last month, both pole vaulters, Renaud Lavillenie and Armand Duplantis finished tied in the men's category and in the second, the women's category, the Greek Katerina Stefanidi won.

“The format will be demanding, because we are not used to resistance. We are ‘sprinters’, resistance is more difficult for us. I do not know how it will be, but I think Niklas will be good at it and we will have to fight him, "said Mayer, who considered that the last test will be the most complicated.

"It's really good because it's something different from just training," said Kaul, who at 21 he became the youngest world champion in the decathlon. “I really want to compete with the other two boys, even when they are separated. It will be a lot of fun, ”said the German, who does not think he is the favorite.

"I don't think I'm the man to beat. Pole jumping will be difficult, I've only had one pole vault session in the last three months, so we'll see what happens there. I think the last event is going to be difficult for all of us, because we usually run 1,500m which is four to five minutes, evenly, just running, but this time we have to stop and go back. So I think it will be more difficult, "he explained.

"I guess we will do something similar to our 'daily jobs', running, jumping, and throwing, but this changes a bit. It is interesting to try to achieve as many repetitions in 10 (and 5) minutes as we can and I really think it will be fun, "added Uibo.

Coe, "delighted"

World Athletics President Sebastian Coe said he was delighted with the public response to the first two editions of Ultimate Garden Clash and was looking forward to this weekend's contest.

"I am excited to see what our best athletes have because the pole vaulters really put on a great show. I love how creative our athletes have been in creating new competition formats that we can safely organize and pass on to our fans, even while respecting public health restrictions around the world, ”he noted.

"We are beginning to see some countries take cautious measures to return to compete, while we comply with local measures of social distancing"And that gives us hope that we can return to more normal meetings in August, but we are also aware that different countries are at different stages of the pandemic and athletes in some places will not be able to compete in some time."

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