News : The new range of the New Balance FuelCell is presented in New York

News :

The new range of the New Balance FuelCell is presented in New York

Image of the presentation of the New Balance FuelCell
Image of the presentation of the New Balance FuelCell

The Stock Exchange of the Corridor has gone to act of presenting the new range of New Balance FuelCell that the North American brand has carried out in the New Balance Launch in New York. Multitudinal act with media from all over the world that did not want to miss the launch of this explosive series of shoes.

NB, in this way, complete the FuelCell collection with more models that will not go on sale until July-August. The US firm has taken advantage of the dispute on Saturday May 18 of the popular Brooklyn Half Marathon, sponsored by New Balance. The brand is responsible for providing the technical shirt that accompanies the broker's bag for all participants.

Present at the event were New Balance Vice President Tom Carleo, Strategic Business Unit Manager for Design Performance Studio Danny Or, North American Marketing Manager Keith Kelly and New Balance professional athletes Jenny Simpson and Jake Wghtman. "We wanted to create a model with tacos for medium distance on the road. We are inspired to create something unique in the industry. A racing shoe with carbon road coating that can help improve the performance of our elite athletes, "the brand managers assured at once.

There are four models that represent the new FuelCell base. We say new base because New Balance completely redesigns the midsole and incorporates the holy grail of today's competition sneakers: carbon fiber. The new FuelCell midsole provides up to 60% more bounce than a large material such as REVlite to become the most energy-efficient midsole compound ever produced by New Balance.

And the FuelCell line is composed of shoes focused on competition. Some inspired even by a specific distance as the mile (New Balance FuelCell 5280), which demonstrate, once again, that the New Balance is worthy of study for the permanent ability to design new models with advanced technological solutions. For the moment, we give a clue as to which foot these four new shoes wear:

  • New Balance FuelCell Rebel. For those who seek to take a step further in terms of forcing the pace in their careers, with a high return of energy.
  • New Balance FuelCell Propel: The least focused on competition of the four, but because it is designed to use the high rebound but also the comfort provided by a daily training shoe.
  • New Balance FuelCell Echo: More stylized than the others, with a lower profile to give more feeling of contact with the ground.
  • New Balance FuelCell 5280: The brown beast of the family. NB defines it as a nail shoe, without nails. Focused on competition only and exclusively.

We enclose several photos of the act and exclusive models that can be purchased within a couple of months. The truth is that they look very good ...

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