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The old Vorsteven has to go

The old Vorsteven has to go

After a refreshing sailing break in Europe, the old Vorsteven is laid to rest by Leo's new volunteer crew.

Leo spent the last few weeks with his family and friends in Bristol, England. Before going back to work, he and his girlfriend Francesca, known as Cecca, and a few friends spent a few days sailing on the Turkish Mediterranean coast. A merchant from the US has left them for little money his 2013 built in Turkey Dutch Alu Sloop. That's his way of supporting the Tally Ho project.

It clearly gives the crew pleasure to sail such a modern boat in a retro design. Even more pleasure is the bathing holiday, and even the final boat cleaning becomes a pleasure. A quick stop in Bristol with a facial surgery gives Leo a black eye. But that does not challenge him.

Shortly thereafter, he is back at his shipyard in Sequim, Washington, USA, where the rebuilding of the "Tally Ho", designed by Albert Strange, continues.

A few days rest for cleaning up

Not only parrot lady Poncho is happy about the reunion, also Cecca is back with the party. They spend a few days restoring, oiling and preparing the wood - and making small improvements that increase their well-being at work.

Again come two new volunteers, the well-known volunteers, without whom Leo would not be able to pitch his project. They also benefit from learning something from timber shipbuilding while having fun.

Jack has Irish roots, comes from New York and is a sailor and a cutler. He has just come from a three-month tour of the Pacific and understands something about locksmithing, wood crafts and boats - an ideal cast. Joe from Ohio is a little older, has taught English in Turkey and built canoes in sewing-gluing techniques. The new team, after a short training, is doing well.

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The proven nail method

First, Leo shows them how to use his time-tested nail method models for the frames from the laces removed, later to select and cut the right pieces from the Krummholz at the wood storage area. Leo, meanwhile, measures up the Vorstevenkonstruktion with accurate Schnürbodenarbeit.

He has to build the Steven from four pieces instead of three as before. Because he wants to avoid heartwood. Sas could lead to cracks, in the water penetrates. That, in turn, would rot the wood.

The Purple Heart wood is very good and almost flawless. But it is difficult to find strong pieces long enough. Before you can start building new stencils, you first have to clear the way and remove the old Vorsteven. Carefully, all connections must be solved by Knightsheads, Frame Heels and Hoods - these are different longitudinal and cross-dressing woods). Many props called props are set, this internal stiffeners are installed so that the hull remains in shape.

Part of the spine

The stem is part of the spine, the centerline of the boat. The planks and frames are built around it. This makes removal so difficult. Joe and Jack saw the old steel floor panels, the connection of frames and keel. All bolts and screws are machined with the Electrofusion Tail as if it were wood. And soon the Steven is free. Exemplarily, they are equipped with a helmet and thick dust masks. Leo cares - for and for his people.

Now the planks have to be carefully separated at the front. Like the mouth of a whale lying on the side, the trunk opens in front and releases the stem. This shows how many more precisely matched composite parts this more than 100 years old hull exists.

Joe and Jack made sure everything was rolling

First carefully remove the upper part of the Stevens with the forklift. The next day follows, after careful preparation, the entire lower part in cooperation of man and machine. The forklift pulls out the stem hanging on a strap. Below, J. and J. use iron pipes to make sure that everything rolls and that there is not too much friction. The hull is but so well stiffened and piled (so supported) that hardly anything can go wrong.

Everything works smoothly. The old Vorsteven is bedded on his last resting place in the grass on the lumberyard. Again, a big step has been taken to build up "Tally Ho". Finally, Leo shows us the small improvements that he has acquired and installed in the kitchen and lodging to the delight of Cecca and the volunteers.

There is also a new chick family: Nina, Tina, Joni, Janis, Stevie and Dolly. They will soon contribute with fresh eggs for the physical well-being of the boat builder family. But before Leo has to build a bigger chicken house.

If you want to support the Tally Ho project, you can do that here.

This article was written by Tommy Loewe

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