News : The Olympic marathon figures: 137 Kenyans with a minimum

News : The Olympic marathon figures: 137 Kenyans with a minimum

Image of the Rio de Janeiro Games marathon / AFP

The new normal in the bottom world has generated a situation that World Athletics did not expect ahead of the Tokyo Olympics. On August 7, an Olympic marathon will be held in the city of Sapporo (about 1,000 kilometers north of Tokyo, where too high temperatures are expected for cross-country events), which is undoubtedly the most anticipated race of the year. In it will be, if nothing goes wrong, the world record holder for the distance, an Eliud Kipchoge whom we will see in action in a few days at Twente Airport in that NN Mission Marathon organized by the Kenyan’s own team, the NN Running Team .

137 Kenyans with minimum

Well, for the appointment in the Japanese city the number of male and female qualifiers is already above World Athletics’ stated goal of 80 athletes per gender. In the case of men, as detailed in ‘Let’s Run’, 101 tickets have been achieved by athletes from 44 different countries from January 1, 2019 until now.

In the case of women, 82 places have been obtained from 42 countries (77 by time -2: 29: 30- and 5 by classification). All this taking into account the three athletes per country that the competition allows, because if we ignore that cap, the figure shoots up. 523 men in total have fallen below the required minimum of 2:11:30. Of those, 137 were Kenyan. Tremendous. In the case of women, 295 have fallen from those 2:29:30 (107 Ethiopians).

Four months ahead

But it is that there are still four months ahead and it is expected that more athletes will join that extensive list. There are marathons planned in Twente (the aforementioned NN Mission Marathon) and trials in Australia or Argentina, not counting the marathons held in China and Italy this past weekend. Carbon plate shoes have undoubtedly been a key boost in this avalanche of lows achieved so far. From this moment on, it is the Olympic Committees of each country that have the arduous mission of choosing based on their criteria.

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