News : The only Spanish politician able to lose 30'00 "in 10 km

News :

The only Spanish politician able to lose 30'00 "in 10 km 

At 46, Eliseo Martín, who is still in great shape, has started working as a councilor for sports in Monzón. The people who accompanied him to the fullest in elite athletics at the 2003 World Cup in Paris.

And it was pretty while it lasted.

Or, rather, it still lasts for Eliseo Martín who, at the age of 46, recently completed, You can still lose 30’00 ”in 10 kilometers. Last winter I did it with almost no problem.

But now he has begun to work as a councilor for youth and sports in the Aragonese Party in Monzón, in his town, and that responsibility, like that of the elite athlete he was, implies time. And you can't spare time. "Things are never resolved in a minute," he reasons.

And it's not like he has a political background. “But two friends of mine have offered me this job for a lifetime and I have not been able to say no. I didn't want to tell him because it's time to show that I can do it; that there are things that can be improved in our land and that it is not only about pulling the citizen's pocket. We politicians have to look for solutions. We have that duty with the citizens, but all that takes time. Moreover, if we did not dedicate it, it would not make sense to be here. You will not have the results you are looking for. ”

But this is not a novelty for him. From an athlete he learned that he Secret is in time.

And that links the politician with the athlete who was Eliseo Martín. The athlete who was international from 1998 to the European of Barcelona 2010; the athlete who could have even reached the London Olympics 2012 "if he did not prevent a chicken pox" left by K.O.

It would have been too much. But still that day he did not regret anything or declare ‘than bad luck I have‘ “I accepted it as an order of destiny and remembered that I had endured enough. In fact, it is not easy to find athletes as durable as I was. ”

He is still proud, “because it is not easy, because it is difficult to maintain motivation for so many days, for so many weeks, in which you tell yourself: "Fuck, uncle, you train barbarities." But the reality is that the years passed and I continued with the same enthusiasm, with the same motivation to do it again ”.

Remember that peak moment at the 2003 World Cup in Paris when he won the bronze medal in the 3,000 obstacles “he could have anticipated that the end was coming. When you get something like that, which is like reaching the maximum, your own environment no longer demands you as much as before. Take for granted that the best you could achieve you have already achieved: you notice and they tell you. But I refused to think so. I didn't mind continuing to live like a monk Y the proof is that then I was seventh in the 2007 Osaka World Cup or ninth in the Berlin 2009 and in a test as hard as 3,000 obstacles all that must be respected, all that must be valued: you realize, especially when Spend your time and you accept that this has already happened forever. ”

That's why it was nice while it lasted… Without going any further, when we learned in the 2000 Sydney Olympics that Eliseo Martin was a world-class athlete.

We have no right to forget that day.

It was a great discovery to see him and Luismi Berlanas challenge the Africans as if they were Africans themselves.

But that was the magic of risking everything for a dream or the certainty of anticipating the future. "Junior had already been seventh in the world in 10,000," he explains. “But Phondy, my coach, and I saw that we had to change and we thought about the 3,000 obstacles. And it was not easy, because it took me a lot to lose 8’30 ”. I even thought I would never get it. ”

But he got it. And that is why this is a story that honors perseverance and sets an example for its protagonist, a guy who learned to dose ambition, to manage his heritage. “Every weekend could not be a goal. In the end, that crushes you and prevents you from fighting for what you really want to fight. We got to turn the Spanish Championships into proceedings and you felt sorry for it, because a Spanish Championship will always be a Spanish Championship. But if in two or three weeks you had a Games, a European or a World Cup you had to ask yourself, ‘what do I really want?’ My coach and I knew how to do it. We weren't afraid of that question. ”

“I was always clear about what athletics was,” he explains. ”For me it was a job in which you dedicated 340 days of the year to a main objective. And, if you did it that way, you had to put your hand in the fire for that day. And that's why I think I almost never failed in the big competitions. Not because he was better than the others, but because he was clear about what he wanted from me. If you can only be one day at 100/100 you have to respect that day. ”

Everything was born in adolescence. ”Then I remember listening to a sports psychologist who made it clear to me. He told me a phrase that I will never forget: ‘throughout your life you will encounter many obstacles that you must learn to channel and turn them into positive thoughts.”

At 46, it seems that he already knows Latin, that he has already used that maxim too many times. "I've been in my life for a long time," he accepts. “I still have to live, but I have already lived a lot and I have learned that if I do not try, I will not be at ease now in politics or in sport.”

“Everywhere I go I like to learn. And if my experience contributes, go ahead, here I am to tell it, to explain what I did, how I could do it and how I got to achieve what I was looking for ”.

And then he remembers that nothing would have been possible without his surroundings or his club, "the Monzón Athletic Center", who just turned 75 and went out of his way for him. “There were athletes who finished the season later just to help me. ”

This was the case until he retired in 2012. He was 39 years old and did so "as third in a 3,000 obstacle championship in Spain." But since then he has never stopped playing sports. "It would be impossible. My body would not hold it. You need it organically and mentally. Not recognizing it is feeling bad. ”

Hence, your resume has not stopped growing. “My life has changed among other things because raising a girl who is now eight years old and a boy of 11 takes time. And not. Of course I can not do the training before when I trained hard almost every day. I even remember that day that I made 3 × 1,000 with five fences on each lap in 2’39 ”, 2’37” and 2’36 ”and ending with a smooth 400 in 52 seconds. And, of course, now you think about it and say, what barbarity, what barbarities you have to do to be in the elite ... But we all do that. It happens to all of us".

The fact is that, after the withdrawal, he has come to do 2h14'05 ”in marathon, record of Spain M-40 and to stay at a minute to make minimum for the World Cup what makes think that it is a force of the nature.

We can also tell that he participates in the Aragonese Duathlon Cup, where his other great passion, “the bicycle”, another reason to explain to an athlete for life: Eliseo Martín, the 46-year-old man whose memory recovers extraordinary moments , part of our passion and his, there is no doubt. That is why we are so grateful and, apparently, thanks are reciprocal.

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