News : "The only thing that makes sense in my life right now is training"

News :

"The only thing that makes sense in my life right now is training"

Gesa Krause, in a file / AFP image

The German athlete Gesa Krause says so, but many others could well sign it right now. LA demotivation without a competition on the horizon is one of the great ‘blots’ for athletes, whether they are elite or not elite. That segregation of hormones that the body gives to train in the usual environment and have a clear goal in mind for which to fight and try to improve ourselves has disappeared and that greatly affects our day to day. As we said, in the case of top-level athletes it is being a delicate part and for most training has become a kind of nail to hold on to to maintain the greatest possible physical tone for a return to competition that seems increasingly unlikely in 2020.

No goals on the horizon

In that situation is the German Gesa Felicitas Krause, who has given an interview to the newspaper ‘Der Spiegel’ in which she has been as crude as she is realistic. The double European champion of 3,000 meters. Asked about the postponement of the Games and what has caused her mood, Krause comments that "It is difficult to define a new goal overnight. I have been a professional athlete for 10 years. I was champion of Europe and I won the bronze in the World Cup. There's not much left that I can accomplish. A medal at the Olympics is what drives me. "

They ask the German woman if it is difficult after this decision to force herself to train every day: “AOn the contrary. Training is the only thing that makes sense to my life right now. What am I waiting for. Without running, I wouldn't know what to do with my time. Only the great objective is missing ”. Gesa has been training these weeks in the United States, in the city of Boulder (Colorado): “School runs are still open to the public. That was my great luck. I was able to finish a good 170 kilometers each week. I couldn't have trained in Germany for a long time. ”

What's next now, what's on the horizon? "I don't know, we can't plan a return to normal training, there is no competition. This uncertainty is terrible. "

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