News : The outrageousness of Kim Collison

News :

The outrageousness of Kim Collison

Kim Collison, after achieving an 'Inhuman' record

If we recently highlighted the tremendous feat of the Spanish Manuel Merillas, who managed to make three Records in three consecutive days from three different peaks, the Txindoki, the Garmo Negro and the Pedraforca, only with the 'help' and the company of his dog and Your partner, now comes another story of those that take away your hiccups. He comes from Great Britain and his protagonist is Kim Collison, a new ‘Inhuman’ to point to our extensive list, which include, for example, Yuki Kawauchi, Dean Karnazes, Merillas himself, Greg Armstrong or Tim Don.

A 1997 Record

The British has completed a whopping 78 peaks in less than 24 hours (exactly 23 hours and 45 minutes) in the Lake District National Park, in the northwest of England, a beautiful region that Collison, ‘ultrarunner’ and coach, has ‘kicked’ himself relentlessly for a full day. This record of the English has supposed a new Record, since the previous mark, of 1997, was established by Mark Hartell, who made 77 peaks in 24 hours, one less than him. Kim started and ended her tour in the small town of Brathwaite, an hour or so south of the England-Scotland border.

The essential regulations

There are some ‘premises’ to establish and accredit this record, which in general leaves a lot of freedom to those who try to undertake it. The most significant is that each summit reached must make at least 2000 feet (609 meters). Another says that each peak should be separated by at least 400 meters away from the next. You can start where you want as long as it ends at the same point. Finally, the challenge must be completed in less than 24 hours and can be started at any time of the day. Collison is a successful mountain racer who has represented Great Britain in the Trail World Cup and who won the British National Trail Championships in 2014; in 2015 the Ultra Trail del Montblanc finished 26th.

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