News : "The plans are to celebrate the marathons only in the elite part"

News :

"The plans are to celebrate the marathons only in the elite part"

Gebreselassie won in Valencia in 2018

The President of the Higher Sports Council (CSD) said this clearly at the Europa Press Sports Breakfast. Asked already towards the final stretch of the act about how the elite and popular athletics tests will be held until a vaccine for COVID-19 is found, Irene Lozano has buried at a stroke the hopes that might have the great marathons that remain to see the light this coming autumn in Spain (Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia). Except for a major surprise, only the elite part will be disputed because it is currently not feasible to hold a massive event with more than 20,000 people safely.

A race with 40,000 participants is not viable

“In Valencia, which has one of the most important in the world, we have talked about it and the plans are to celebrate only the elite part. Everyone understands that a race of 40,000 runners is almost impossible to be held and they are working to celebrate the elite part and they are also going to give themselves until September to make a decision because now it is premature, but I think the shots will go there. We will have to do without all the popular part, "said Lozano.

Several ‘Majors’ have already fallen

After the cancellation of ‘Majors’ like New York, Berlin or Boston, it seems very complicated that our big tests can be held normally for popular riders. Valencia is held a priori on December 6 and will be one of the first marathons in which athletes will be able to search for the Olympic minimum (those who do not already have it after this second opportunity that has opened).

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