News : The pole is prohibited and Nationals are in danger

News :

The pole is prohibited and Nationals are in danger

The Vallehermoso Stadium in all its splendor / EFE

The journalist and former head of the press of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation, Gerardo Cebrián, commented this morning. It sounds surreal, almost circus, but it turns out that one of the sites that were going to serve to host this multi-venue and totally innovative Spanish Championship hangs in the balance. We are talking about the brand-new and imposing Vallehermoso Stadium in Madrid, which in principle should host the decathlon, high jump and pole vault tests, among others.


"Attention. Last minute. In danger the celebration in the Vallehermoso Stadium the combined tests and the pole vault of the CTO of Spain in September, Because the high and pole mats cannot be used! Apparently they are pierced with the nails of the shoes ”, commented Cebrián on Twitter.

Apparently, in information that 'Marca' has expanded and that Somos Atletismo had also advanced a few days ago, the 'problem' is that the mats deteriorate over the years, as happens with any sports material regardless of the discipline we are dealing with. Teresa Goya, director of the Vallehermoso Athletics Stadium, is not willing to host what she understands is the test of greatest ‘wear’ of these Nationals, something that has puzzled the Federation, which is pending, according to ‘Marca’, to reach an entente before this unexpected unforeseen event.

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