News : The police chase of a runner in Italy that has gone viral

News :

The police chase of a runner in Italy that has gone viral

An unusual image that comes to us from Italy in times of confinement and staying at home as required by the relevant states of alarm. It has happened on a beach in Pescara and if it is not so delicate for the moment we are going through the truth is that the scene is quite funny. A 'runner' is running so calmly across the sand when a uniformed police officer suddenly appears on the scene (the video is recorded from a balcony) and starts chasing him showing that it is at a fairly low level of form. The runner has no problem leaving him behind and escaping, but he is finally hunted by another companion of the meritorious man prepared to put the relevant 'recipe' on it.

4,000 'crushing' fine

The police officers bind the offender and have already prepared the large fine in hand: 4,000 euros. The exit has undoubtedly been very expensive for this Italian ‘runner’, a country that, as we all know, has an enormous athletic tradition and its long distance runners flood every marathon in the world. It is not the first episode of this type that we live these days of confinement. “The red runner is going very fast. That does not stop ... That has not stopped! ”, Narrate from the other side of the camera the astonished neighbors.

It should be noted that the return to physical activity outdoors will be very staggered and will have endless restrictions that we must respect so as not to run the risk of contagion.

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