News : The pool in which a whole world champion recovered

News :

The pool in which a whole world champion recovered

The pool in which Kipruto recovered

It is, without a doubt, one of the proper names of the Doha World Cup. Conseslus Kipruto prevailed in one of the best 3,000 obstacle races reminiscent of the Ethiopian Grima practically on the same finish line. His mark (the best of the year) was 8.01.35. The Kenyan, who already won the gold medals at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games and the 2017 World Cup in London, is only 24 years old and has a more than promising future ahead. About him has appeared a most curious information. And is that Kipruto has been in recent months with physical problems suffering from a stress fracture that almost endangered his world presence.

‘Aquarunning’ to get to Doha

Conseslus was advised to practice "aquarunning" to remedy the ailment. The problem was that in his humble abode of the African country he did not have a pool, neither obviously private nor public at an acceptable distance. And he decided to "enable" one to start as soon as possible. The result, the one seen in the attached photograph. A cement cubicle surrounded by masonry walls in which many Westerners would not set foot or pay them for it. The result, it seems, has been nothing bad for the interests of the Kenyan athlete, who took the grand final ahead of Grima and El Bakkali, another reference of the 3,000 obstacles.

One of the great virtues of ‘aquarunning’ goes through the sports rehabilitation after injury. Eliminating the articular impact that defines the running you manage to reduce the risk of relapse, keeping fit to run again 100% on firm ground. It is also very useful to take care of the health of your knees. If the pool is curious, it is not less the photo of the podium. Both Grima and El Bakkali take more than one head, often Kipruto. What a beast!

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