News : The popular that has run three marathons sub 3h with 70 years

News :

The popular that has run three marathons sub 3h with 70 years

Gene Dykes, a 70 year old guy with a 20 year old heart

We already talked about Gene Dykes ‘mash’ in the Stockbroker a while ago. The veteran American athlete broke the marathon world record of the age range 70-74 years after registering some crazy 2:54:23 at the Jacksonville Marathon (Florida). At 70, Dykes broke the molds of logic and ran at a rate of 4: 07 ’/ km to fly over the streets of this beautiful southern city. That was in 2018 and that same year the Toronto Marathon had already run at 2:55:17 (4: 09 ’/ km). Two ‘marcones’ completely unthinkable for a man of his age, whom in the mortal world we consider almost as an old man.

Keep fit at 71

Well, this 2019 has shown that his passion is still intact and his fitness, too. It was in the recent Boston Marathon, in which Philadelphia's popular runner finished in 2:58:50, your third record below three hours in the last year. There is nothing.

Dykes spent the half marathon at 1:28:21 and re-signed a great run to his already 71 ‘tacos’. The rider pulverized in Jacksonville the previous mark (much earlier, specifically 14 years old) of Ed Whitlock in 2004 for 25 seconds. He usually trains between 45 and 60 miles per week. Who does not dream of reaching that age?

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