News : "The postponement of the Games changes everything"

News :

"The postponement of the Games changes everything"

Kevin López, in an image in Sierra Nevada

The Andalusian athlete Kevin López Yerga, current national champion of the 1,500 meters, assured this Thursday that "the having postponed the (Tokyo Olympics) changes everything"And considers" better the postponement than to be with the uncertainty "because it can already focus on" planning to get the best possible to 2021. "

“We already know that we are not going to race against the clock and that the Games are not going to be held in July. Now I face the season calmer, already thinking about preparing the Olympic event in the best possible way ”, added the Sevillian midfielder in statements to Efe.

Maintenance to recover as soon as possible

López, who has made a successful conversion to 1,500 after being eleven times champion of Spain in 800 meters, believes that "without a doubt, the best possible decision has been made" because "Now the Games can be prepared as" must be "prepare such an important appointment ”.

The Loreño broker, who will be 30 years old in June, reported that he faces confinement "As if it were a small preseason", running "on the treadmill as much as possible" and working "the strength for when I can go out or have lost as little as possible".

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