News : The prizes of the return to Spain. How much money do brokers take?

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The prizes of the return to Spain. How much money do brokers take?

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The edition of this return to Spain has been one of the toughest to remember in recent years. An edition, the one of this 2019, that has practically not given truce to the cyclists. The 21 stages have had a maximum requirement both physically and mentally and the truth is that the final triumph of Primoz Roglic nobody can deny that it has been absolutely deserved. The Slovenian, former professional ski jumper, has been the strongest throughout the 3 weeks and last Sunday he raised in Madrid the trophy that accredited him as winner of the Tour of Spain 2019.

But so much suffering and agony to what extent compensates the athlete? As is logical behind each victory, the personal triumph appears. The inner satisfaction of having achieved the objective. But we all know that this does not help anyone to pay their rent or mortgage at the end of the month. This is why we ask ourselves: How much do cyclists charge in the Tour of Spain?

To solve this we have turned to the road book of the Tour of Spain 2019 and the truth is that the surprise has been relative. For many, including myself, cycling is still a poorly paid sport and that in economic terms does not justify the enormous sacrifice that all cyclists have to make for the simple fact of finishing a three-week lap.

Take a seat because if the prizes of the Tour de France left you speechless those of the Tour of Spain will seem like a joke.

1,120,000 euros in prizes

That said it may seem that it is not so badly paid, right? Well, if we start to shred all this, you will realize that someone does not even pay for the flight back home.

The highest paid runner on the return is none other than Primoz Roglic, the Slovenian takes 150,000 euros as winner of the final general classification. A quantity not negligible but far from the amounts that are distributed in other sports. The winner of Roland Garros takes 2.3 million euros, while the winner of the Fortinte World Cup took 3 million dollars.

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Everything that comes out of the podium ...

The Slovenian who also won the green jersey of the general classification of points takes 11,000 euros extra for this win. 11,000 euros for winning a jersey in the Tour of Spain? Don't you think it's embarrassing?

If winning a jersey is unprofitable, I don't want to tell you the little economic incentive that Top 10 has to do at one stage. The return I pay some Ridiculous 360 euros for the tenth ranked of each stage!

Winning a stage in a race of the size of the Tour of Spain comes out for 11,000 euros but finishing in the prestigious and coveted Top 10 final means an income of less than 4000 euros.

Although the most surreal is yet to come. Do you know the “gag” that mountain passes give? The third category are a real scandal. 115 euros to the first and 80 to the second. The third at the top scores for the classification of the mountain but does not charge a miserable euro.

What do you still think a lot? As soon as I tell you that these prizes are not complete for the broker and tell you how the prize distribution system between the teams works, your opinion will surely not be the same.

As a general rule the teams distribute the prizes in cash in 9 equal parts (before they were 10). 8 parts to be distributed among the 8 riders of the team and a ninth portion for the entire Staff of the team. Auxiliaries, massage therapists, drivers, mechanics ...

Are you still thinking that cycling is a well paid sport?

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