News : The ‘prodigy girl’ that dazzles in the USA: a mile in 4:46 with 14 years

News : The ‘prodigy girl’ that dazzles in the USA: a mile in 4:46 with 14 years

Sadie Enghelart dazzled last weekend / Instagram

It is one of the proper names of a weekend in the United States in which spectacular brands have been experienced. The outdoors in the North American continent is ‘on fire’ and practically in every meeting there are tremendous records and young people like Athing Mu are rising as the future but already the present of world athletics. The fact is that the 14-year-old Sadie Engelhardt has starred in one of the feats of recent days after winning the mile Chandler Rotary Classic with a time of 4:46.

Sadie surpassed the second and third classified by more than eight seconds, with a great superiority and that record would have earned her to also prevail in the ‘High School’ race, with participants two and three years older than her. The two athletes who completed the podium also fell below five seconds and stopped the clock at 4:56:51 and 4:59:79, respectively.

Always improving his times

It is the case that this young Californian has participated with the one last weekend in four races of the mile so far in 2021 and in each of them he has improved his time (4: 54.08, 4: 53.01, 4: 48.73 and 4:47:90).

“I’m not even in high school yet, so I’m very proud of where I am now and I’m very excited to see where high school training takes me,” she said after the race. Engelhardt’s time puts her behind only two other athletes: Lexy Halliday, who ran 4: 46.47 in 2016, and Taylor Roe, who stopped the clock at 4: 47.6 in 2015.

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