News : The # Rainbowvirtualseries­čîł reaches 4,000 participants

News :

The # Rainbowvirtualseries­čîł reaches 4,000 participants

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With the deadline still open (it ends tomorrow at 23:59) to record the times of the fourth of the tests of the Rainbow Virtual Series circuit, the blue run, over a distance of 5 km held "virtually" last Sunday, we already have some interesting data that the provisional classifications give us.

Of the more than 7,500 registered in the whole circuit there are more than 4,000 runners who have already participated in at least one of the 4 tests of this multi-colored challenge full of hope and motivation. Although we know that there are many who are reserving for the half marathon and / or marathon of the circuit, to date thousands of runners have already felt that tickle of the competition again, knowing that those times were going to be in a classification together with runners willing to bring out their workouts on their favorite routes.

In the Blue Run classification, the hand-in-hand between the Catalan David Pardo and the Argentine Sergio Hoffman is maintained, who with a time of 15:18 provisionally wins the victory and breaks the general classification in his favor by just one point.

In the women's category, Brazilian Concei├ž├úo Ce├ža leads the Blue Run classification with a time of 19:22, while Mar├şa Freitas from Madrid enters the podium zone again with a score that could place her as the leader in the general classification, in the absence of three tests.

Next stop: Yelow Run 10km September 27

The countdown begins for the fifth round of the circuit and the free registrations are still open in case you haven't done so yet.

Will you be able to improve your Green Run and / or Indigo Run result? You have 4 weeks of training ahead of you to do what feels best for us right now, run and free your mind. Let's go for it ­čĺ¬!

Upcoming races Rainbow Virtual Series

  • Yellowrun (10km, 09/27)
  • OrangeRun (1/2 Marathon, 10/18)
  • RedRun (Marathon, 11/22).

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