News : The reflection of a runner who has gone viral

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The reflection of a runner who has gone viral

The reflection of a new broker has gone viral

We always sell that ‘running’ is an inclusive sport for all audiences. That running is a pleasure that purifies the soul, opens pores and drives away problems. That each one can adapt their rhythms and make the race their own, gradually improving (or not) depending on their needs, their desire, their time. And in large part all this is true, running is capable of giving us all these things and more.

An example of this has been given to us by a girl who has made a reflection on Twitter that has quickly gone viral among the Spanish runner community. @libelulaenenero es a 32-year-old woman who has decided to start running and shares her first feelings on social networks, in addition to sharing a series of social ich cliches ’that it finds absurd and that, as a society, we should rethink.

A message that wants and deserves to be shared

The writing of this new ‘runner’ goes like this: “Today I started running. I am 32 years old, I am 1.76m tall and weigh 117kg. I have done half an hour of caco intervals, 3 min walking / 1 running, it has been about 2.6km. You do not know what it costs him to share this (and that I do not think anyone will read it), but I feel euphoric ... It has never happened to you that it seems that you can only play sports if you are already in shape ??? ”, start.

The thread continues: “The fat woman from the gym is very striking… For me who have always been in shape, after a few years of personal problems that have made me fat and stop training... seeing me like this has been hard ... but you enter a circle from which it is very difficult to get out ...But today I could, today I started to run #day 1 #it's never too late".

10,000 ‘like’ in just two days

In just two days the publication has reached almost 10,000 "I like it." Definitely, It is an interesting reflection on the enormous competitiveness and how unfair we become with the subject of sport., of the rhythms, of the appearance.

Perhaps in this confinement that has been raised to the maximum expression. We've unmasked ourselves a little bit about those new runners and runners that taking advantage of the ‘openness’ to outdoor activity they tried this del running ’, probably much more for going out and taking advantage of the sufflé than for real interest or passion, but who are we to judge them. In thousands of profiles and accounts they saw ‘cracks’ on the outfits, on how to identify them. Perhaps we should focus more on our own and let those who feel like doing and undoing start with something. Have 32, 17 or 75, weigh 60, 80 or 130 kilos.

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