News : The replica of the Kipchoge Alphafly, for sale on AliExpress

News :

The replica of the Kipchoge Alphafly, for sale on AliExpress

Kipchoge, with the AlphaFly that he ran in Vienna

We already have them here. Perhaps they are the way we imagined them and are a little different from those worn by the best marathoner of all time, Eliud Kipchoge, during his titanic INEOS 1:59 Challenge in which he managed to get the human being down for the first time in two hours. in the distance from Philippi. They have tried to maintain a style ... let's say more or less true to reality.

The ‘myth’ of AlphaFly

The first months became a kind of myth or legend, little or no information reached us and the experts broke their ‘brains’ to analyze them only with the images taken during the Kenyan race in Vienna. Little by little Nike decided to 'humanize' them to the point that their description appears on the website of the American brand and in the 'buy' tab indicates that it can be done 'soon'.

But waiting for Nike to officially put it on sale what we already have (on AliExpress, of course) is the replica. Of doubtful similarity, true, but for 80 euros (they are currently with a reduction of 21%, from 102 to 80 euros). You are Zoom AlphaFly can be purchased in three colors and include (at least with the naked eye) all the official accessories, with its air chamber, its very wide midsole. ‘Zoom Tempo Next Flyease’ is the official name that appears on AliExpress. If we want to show off (we will have to wear long pants to hide the details that the Nike AlphaFly has not been able to trace) and feel like Kipchoge, this is our chance.

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