News : The revolutionary Spanish Championship that can be held in 2020

News :

The revolutionary Spanish Championship that can be held in 2020

Image of the Vallehermoso stadium the day of its release

Raúl Chapado, president of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation, along with Antonio Sánchez, sports director, have responded on the RFEA channels to many of the questions that are in the air when we almost entered the month of June and we do not know practically nothing of what the current season will hold. "Spanish athletics must lead this change in trend and redefine its purposes and priorities to adapt them to a new reality that requires a much more humane dimension, ”says Chapado, who stands firm on the revolution that Spanish athletics is forced to live in the face of the current crisis crisis.

The opportunity to lead radical change

"Our sport has to implement a global digital transformation, this new reality requires changing the concept of dependence on our sport for that of interdependence. We have to relearn how to manage ourselves globally as a sport and unlearn how to manage ourselves as disconnected entities or individuals ”, comments the president of the federative entity and former athlete. Athletics has a unique opportunity, not only to patch and modify the surface of its essence. We have the opportunity to think big, break the original molds and banish the "that's the way we've always done it" mentality, Add. Undoubtedly, there is a lot of ambition in the claims of a Plated for which athletics always has no place in the future in the medium term.

National competitions, starting in August

Regarding short-term competitions, the president comments that the first competitions that can be launched will be "locally, then the autonomy and, if all goes well, at the end of August and beginning of September, we could see some Spanish Championship."

Regarding the most anticipated event, that absolute Spanish Championship, several options are contemplated, some of them totally revolutionary and novel. “We are working on different formats and organizational options, whose highest priority is the protection of people's health. For the Absolute Spanish Championship, and whenever possible its organization, we contemplate 3 options: Do it at a venue, as always, or do it at a venue with different stadiums at the same time, or even do a Spanish championship in several cities"

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