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The Running Republic, the sustainable brand

Today we analyze several pieces of textiles from a surprising Spanish brand such as The Running Republic. It is for making its way in a competitive world, such as that of high performance, but also for doing it from an ecological philosophy where not only the recycling of materials is valued, but also the reduction of polluting substances in their production, or the reduction of energy used in its elaboration.

This is calculated by the brand itself in CO2 emissions reduced to 70%, that at least 74% of recycled materials are used, and that energy consumption is reduced by up to 50% in production processes.

Before going for the pieces (shorts, T-shirts and some accessories such as neck covers or headband) it is interesting to go a little further on who these people from The Running Republic are, since not only their product, but also their message, it is interesting.

When you have a piece of The Running Republic in your hands, if they don't tell you, it would be impossible for you to guess that its origin is in a long and laborious journey based on the recycling of plastics, mainly extracted from the oceans and taken to local companies that they must meet ethical standards based on ecological production that emits the least possible carbon.

For those who think that recycling is equivalent to lower quality ... in this case at least they are wrong. The polyester that is obtained from the recycling of bottles (with just a dozen is enough for a complete T-shirt), treated properly, does not lose properties with respect to the original or virgin. And we are talking about elasticity, abrasion resistance, no moisture absorption or durability, among others, necessary characteristics when we are talking about high performance.

The Running Republic goes further because it not only stays on the technical parcel, but also distributes its production to small local companies (with extensive experience in the sector) which it also supervises so that they meet its standards, also at the labor level.

Now, yes, it's time to get to know some of their products, both men's and women's, and at the end, some unisex accessories.

Set Man


This Running Republic T-shirt has as its main feature that it is extremely light and elastic. To complete some exceptional characteristics it must be added that it provides UV protection, in addition to incorporating an antibacterial treatment.

The fabric is very soft to the touch and on each side, down from the armpits there are some perforated panels perfect for generous ventilation. This same grid is found on the back, at shoulder height. The composition of the main part is 90% Post-consumer Recycled Polyester plus 10% Elastane. The side part has the same amount of Elastane, slightly less than Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester (74%) and what is missing to complete it is Polyester (16%).

As extra elements we must highlight the reflectors distributed between the back, both shoulders and the neck, where practice pulls to pass the cable of the headphones (whoever uses them) is also reflective.

The ecological contribution of this shirt, like the rest of the products listed here, lies in the fact that for every kilo of recycled material, it is one kilo of waste removed from the environment, in addition to participating in the sustainability campaign that a tree is planted for each product sold. in Ethiopia. More information at The Runing Republic - Sustainability.

The official price is € 59.99 but currently on sale is € 49.99.


Woven Short by The Runing Republic is a shorts that allows great freedom of movement thanks to its dimensions and the elastic fabric with which it is made. It is designed both for training and for medium and long distance competitions. The materials with which it is made are Polyester and Lycra, playing with the percentages depending on whether it is the main fabric (100% polyester) or the secondary or the inner mesh where Lycra represents 22% and 18% respectively.

The shot is short, like a shorts of a lifetime. More practical for running than those that reach practically the knees, those with more resistance to the wind and more fabric to accumulate sweat and weight. Not here, in The Running Republic they demonstrate that the colorful is not at odds with the practical and functional. Inside, a slip type piece is used.

Behind there are two interesting elements. The first is a zip pocket. Useful to store any small object like gels, keys or money; and sure, thanks to the fact that the zipper guarantees that we run or jump, nothing will be thrown out of there. The zipper itself has its what as it is YKK, a sign of quality since that means that the manufacturer is that Japanese brand founded by Tadao Yoshida in Japan almost a century ago, and serving half the planet.

A little below, a reflective strip runs from side to side the rear helping to make us visible in low light conditions.

The way of adjusting the pants is very quick and easy thanks to a clip that locks the drawstring. You just have to stretch the cord until you notice the proper fit, move the cylinder to where you want and let go ... that's it! Easy, without knots or anything.

The official price is € 59.99 but currently on sale is € 49.99.

Women's Set


The Running Republic Ultra Light Tank Top is a tank top that meets what is expected of it: very light, breathable, sustainable in its production and made from recycled products while maintaining 100% of its technical properties.

Ideal for both training and competitions, it also has a silky feel while the fabric is elastic enough to dress and wear it with great comfort. It also incorporates an antibacterial treatment and has properties that protect from ultraviolet (UV) rays ... how far does the fabric go, of course!

One of the interesting details is that in The Running Republic they have looked for a high ergonomics in the design so that it adapts to the body and thus eliminate the possibility of friction with the skin. Speaking of design, this time on an aesthetic level, it must be said that although the shirt is apparently smooth, the lower part is finished with a print that merges with that of the matching shorts, in case of combining them.

Behind it, both the neckband for the headphones and the brand's own logo have reflective properties to help runners who wear it be more visible when running in low light. Also behind there is another interesting detail such as that it is a tad longer and with a more rounded shape so that it does not stop protecting while stretching, for example.

The most used material here is Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester (from bottles and other plastic waste), while the remaining 10% is elastane which makes it so elastic and adaptable.

The official price is € 34.99 but is currently on sale for € 29.99.


2in1 Woven Short from The Running Republic is, as its name suggests, two garments in one: on the one hand, a shorts and, on the other, a medium-grade compression mesh. The set also comes from recycled material recovered from the environment by 100%, with Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester being the protagonist, with 10% in the pants part itself and 78% in the inner mesh (the remaining 22% being Lycra).

The material used is, therefore, light and very ventilated, which makes it ideal for both running and trail running.

These pants have a practical back pocket to store a small object such as one or more gels, keys, or money, for example. Ahead we find the closed cord that is going to fix the garment to our waist. As in other products of the Barcelona brand, the zipper is made by the Japanese YKK, a guarantee of quality. In addition, its use is easy and fast: the cord is stretched and a clip is fixed in the place that seems convenient to us just by sliding it with your fingers.

Unlike other shorts, The Running Republic here has given you a generous waist to spread the fit across the hip. It is at the top of this part where the pocket is located, usually being covered by the shirt itself.

The official price is € 59.99 but currently on sale is € 49.99.



The Running Republic also stands out in the section of neck covers, or panties, or tubular scarf, or ... whatever you call it in the land of each one @ J. Without a doubt the differential fact here is again the ecological character of a garment which is mainly made with Post-Consumer Recycled Polyamide.

But obviously it's not just that. This polyamide, which accounts for 85% of the garment) is responsible for protecting the neck from the harmful elements of the weather, that is, cold and wind, mainly. Since this polyamide is very elastic, it fits on the skin, but without compression.

With the name of “tubular scarf” a garment that has no seams is already defined. On the other hand, as in other The Running Republic products, it protects from UV rays. It is one of those pieces that concentrates many benefits in little fabric. As for example, it should be added here that it collaborates in evacuating sweat and that it also dries relatively quickly.

The official price is € 17.99 but is currently on sale for € 14.99.


The last complement reviewed is a unisex hair band that, although it reaches rather a small group of runners (those who mainly spend their hair), does not mean that The Running Republic has not given interest to this product.

As expected, it is made with a polyamide from the recycling of bottles and other plastic waste without losing any of its original properties.

It is built in one piece, circular in shape and is wide enough to adapt to the shape of the head without over-tightening any particular area.

The official price is € 12.99 but is currently on sale for € 9.99.

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