News : The shoes (again) drive away the Olympic dream of Chiki Pérez

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The shoes (again) drive away the Olympic dream of Chiki Pérez

Chiki Pérez, in some archive images

Bad news for Carrión Chiki Pérez's fondista. After not having "tied" the minimum in the last Marathon of Valencia, the Ciudad Real had to leave in the Marathon of Seville (which served as the Spanish Championship) because of problems with his shoes. It is the case that the pupil of José Luis Mareca He also suffered a setback with his Vaporfly in the test in Valencia, which meant its premiere in the 42 kilometers. On that occasion he completed the distance despite those discomforts he felt in his shoes, while on Sunday in Seville he chose to stop and buckle them well but ended up abandoning.

Good start, but ‘prick’ after average

Chiki started well and tied the hare together with Spanish athletes Javi Guerra and Hamid Ben Daoud to complete in 2:08 (other Spaniards such as Iván Fernández and Iraitz Arrospide were off the hook), but from the half marathon he was losing bellows and falling behind to end up retiring around kilometer 30. It was already fair for Pérez to prepare the Andalusian test less than three months after running in Valencia. In this way, he abandons his dream (at least for this time) of running the Olympic marathon in Sapporo.

It will focus, if there are no variations, on do it in the 10,000 meters, for those who have several opportunities ahead to achieve it. You will have to recompose yourself both physically and mentally for it.

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