News : The silent return of Fernando Carro

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The silent return of Fernando Carro

Carro has returned by showing us his spectacular moment of form / AFP

Everything that has happened in recent months is something that will be recorded forever. In our minds, memories, also in the history books. We are still assimilating it; In fact, we still have to row so that little by little this new normal is installed in our heads, waiting for that one day that old normal that many of us did not value and now coveted may return. For the athletes they were hard times, very hard. In Spain the activity stopped completely, each one had to look for the beans on their own. Tracks closed, gyms closed, roads and highways prohibited. And some ‘crazy’ training and dreaming from home that one day that feeling of putting on the bib and feeling the tickle would return.

For mental health and to avoid ‘fanaticism’

Fernando Carro is an active person, both inside and outside the tartan. When he hears the starting gun, he is an animal that empties itself to exhaustion, that saves energy from who knows where to finish its tests by giving to people and giving itself an ending that has already more than patented. An ending that, as he himself affirms, is contagious in times when puffs of energy and illusion are not abundant. During the confinement we hardly saw him. We didn't read. He is usually very active on social networks, but he kept completely in the background. We have heard and read him again because he has returned to competition in a great level of form. But how did you get to this point at such an incredible level of fitness and motivation?

Rage and coherence

“There are several ways to express it and many ways to get to the same point. Everything you say towards one sector or another can be used in your favor or against you. I like to talk about everything and say what I feel, but in those moments there was something much more important above. I was very angry at the propaganda that was sold from various sides and I was at risk of being used in that. The best thing was to erase everything and disappear from the map, because it was a constant disappointment. People you love and that you follow could sell things that later in private were something else, everything was very contradictory. On the one hand, at the level of mental health, it was better to stay on the sidelines and then with the one that is coming down on us, it was not the time to demand or criticize, then there would be time to debug responsibilities if necessary ”, he tells us in the Broker Stock Exchange . We really wanted to talk to him. It has cost us a little but we enjoy his reflections again.

It shows, but it doesn't show

"The other day my girl (Clara Viñarás) told me:" Show but not show. " I do not have to demonstrate the work that I have shown to anyone, but to show it, is my gift. I remember in Nerja how he used to say to the hares: “Concentrate, come on, a little more that we don't know if this will be the last. Every event, every competition, had to be 100%. This has led me to be in optimal shape. Optimal to the point that if the Games were now being held I would be prepared. Obviously it would not have been ‘fair’ nor would it have affected us all equally because now in Latin America or Africa it is hitting harder. It is true that given the circumstances of strict confinement and the athletes could work in Italy or the USA and we could not, because that moment of illusion and getting everything done can be taken and the 2021 Games in Tokyo can be a great general party having overcome all of this“Reflects a Carro wanting to eat the world. He will wait patiently for his great Olympic moment.

A "crazy" thing

Precisely about its current state, it comments that “right now I feel fabulous. It is true that you see everything from a distant perspective. It is a very different uncertainty. It has been understood at a global level, in society, that this is going to be lived together for 'x' time that the world cannot stand still. When we come out of confinement I started working morning and afternoon in the open air, fighting through thick and thin against the atypical and desperate situation of not having certainty of what was going to happen, of when there would be competitions ... "

“In my case like, I'm a little crazy, I managed to train morning and afternoon as if I was going to compete the following month. Indeed, when those small brushstrokes began to emerge, the Nerja Challenge and others, I was ready to compete and make a great personal mark. It is true that many rivals were not prepared and we could not have competitions of the highest level, nor hares; andIn my case, I was very strong to start competing in big Meetings. We have had to wait a bit but we already have Monaco here in August, etc. I would have liked to make my debut in another Diamond that is somewhat lower in level, but it is what it is and you have to give it your all from this first big competition ”, he adds.

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