News : The sneakers with which Kilian Jornet will attack the Record of the 24 hours

News : The sneakers with which Kilian Jornet will attack the Record of the 24 hours

Jornet, training with his Salomon S / LAB Phantasm / Instagram

Just a few hours for Kilian Jornet to face one of the most ambitious challenges of his career. This time it is not about climbing rocky and unreachable mountains in record time and without oxygen or making a vertiginous descent through impossible surfaces, but it will be on a track, in a closed and flat area. The Catalan mountain runner, exceptionally turned into an athlete, will seek the World Record for 24 hours on the track. Currently this record is in less than the Greek Yiannis kouros, which ran 303,506 kilometers in 1997.

An entire day

Be this next Friday, November 27 from 10:30 in the so-called Phantasm24 Challenge and sponsored by the Salomon brand, which will broadcast it live through its platforms. “There are so many kilometers that I can’t even visualize it. I’ve seen Yiannis’s partials, so I’ll try to follow him until my body endures. I know what speed to maintain, as well as the pace of each kilometer and each lap. It is clear that the first ten hours will be a little faster and then I will slow down. The most important thing will be not to have muscular or feeding problems ”, he commented Jornet.

Two years of work

Kilian has also presented what footwear he will face the challenge with. A very important detail since he will live with them for 24 hours in a row And it is essential that they provide it with the lightness, the resistance and the comfort so decisive to attack the record. They will be the Salomon S / LAB Phantasm. Kilian and the brand have been working on them for the past two years, testing prototypes and trying to come up with the perfect shoe. “They are very light and have more cushioning. Trail shoes are much tougher. Damping and reactivity were one of the maxims Kilian had the most in mind. “The impact with the muscles and joints is constant, so for me it is vital,” he says.

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